Monday, October 12, 2009

Giant Panda Documentary - Nigel Marvin

May 12, 2009, the famous movie star Jackie Chan at the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base, donated one million yuan, adopt a giant panda, "Cheng Cheng" and "cloudy." In the adoption field, from media around the Chan Wai was packed, and many tourists crowd around watch the fun. At this time, but noticed a small boy standing not far from a foreigner, he was pleasantly surprised to ran to ask: "You are Mr. Marven?" He recognized the right of people --- Nigel Marven, the world-famous wildlife show producer and host, went to the Chengdu Giant Panda of the shoot! Yesterday, again, Marven intense work to lay down their hand to accept the media.

"Prehistoric Park" where the super-explorer Nigel Marven, 49-year-old man, who is British, from childhood love of nature and wildlife, the university is also a student of botany. After graduation, Marven to get into the BBC's natural history department, where he worked for 10 years, produced a series of very popular programs, such as "the territory of the Russian Bear," "Viper's embrace," "Insect to testify" and so on, Then there made him famous TV series "incredible journey", he took photographers to track a variety of animals, migratory routes, attracting hundreds of millions of global viewers.

In 1998, Marven went to the British Independent Television ITV work, and then began the transition: not only programming, but also starred on a show host. In 2001, the ever-increasing popularity Marven set up his own production company, has continued to produce his favorite wild animal show. However, the real to make Marven a world-class wildlife host, or by virtue of which the Department had a well-known CCTV hit documentary "Prehistoric Park" --- a documentary from "Dancing with the dinosaurs," the same team to create the use of 3D virtual technology, Marven into the "time tunnel" back to prehistoric times to capture the animals are now extinct dinosaurs ... ... vivid, wild magnificent natural environment, so that many viewers admiration for it.

Nigel Marven smiled and told reporters: "CCTV is very pleased that the film be broadcast, let me in China, in Chengdu, have their own fans, even in the movie star Jackie Chan's side could grab were wonderful, too precious! "

In Chengdu, to achieve his dream at the age of 5

In May 2009 and 10-month trip to China twice, is this well-known host for the first time to China to make documentary films. Yesterday afternoon, the giant panda base office, smiling Marven told reporters lip service about his two dreams: "I first saw the giant panda, zoo in London, I was only 5 years old . "Marven still clearly remember the names of giant panda Nazhi: Gigi. Since then, deeply attracted by the lovely giant pandas Marven, they dream of their own hands one day be able to hug panda. "When I became a producer of Wild Fauna and Flora, I have a second dream, which is making a documentary about the giant panda."

Just yesterday morning, Marven's first wish in Chengdu realized. "I really hugged a panda, which are extremely cute!" The next second wish, Marven and his team will be very strict attitude to realize --- that they plan to shoot five sets panda documentary , both including the giant panda breeding in an artificial environment, growth, also covers China and the ecological environment of giant pandas in Sichuan. Of course, there is the most challenging task: to shoot the wild to track pandas in the wild!

Chengdu charm too plan to buy a house here

Marven, according to the co-operation with the Beijing Cihwun film company disclosed: this is named "Marven and the Chinese giant pandas," a documentary produced, it is expected to be in March 2010 in the United States premiere, and then will be to participate in the Cannes Television Festival that year, and they are being BBC, the fifth channel, ITV and the Discovery Channel and other broadcast, "covering more than 100 countries, China's CCTV and Sichuan Taiwan will also be introduced, the Chinese audience would be able to next year, six the month to see the film. "As Marven's own reputation and influence, in addition to the above-mentioned television, will also have 23 players and DVD, new media rights for sale, etc.," according to Nielsen estimated the professional monitoring bodies the world will be more than 2.4 billion people to watch this film. "worthy of a mention include: the internationally renowned publishers --- Harper Collins publishing group has also taken a fancy Marven This time the value of shooting behind the scenes, has an appointment with him to write a shot travels, is expected to release in June 2010.

In yesterday's interview, Marven pleased to reporters, said: "I hope the Chinese audience and readers more than they can follow with me to understand Chengdu - its charm far more than the giant panda and Sichuan. Here is a wealth of natural protection the region's resource, elevation difference between the highest and the lowest at nearly 5,000 meters, is very impressive. "He even told reporters: their are plans to buy a house in Chengdu. "My family in London, because I like the scenery of South Africa, bought a house in South Africa from time to time to vacation there. Now I want to buy a house in Chengdu, and the scenery was really worth to stay."



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