Monday, October 12, 2009

Interview with Dr Tsen

This is an interview with Dr Tsen, President of the Jackie Chan Foundation, United States

The hope that more people understand the spirit of Jackie Chan's charity

- Jackie Chan Foundation, president of the United States to talk about Jackie Chan

Recently, Jackie Chan Foundation, president of the United States Dr.Tsen to the City People's Hospital for medical visits and exchanges, the reporter found the opportunity to interview him.

casual acquaintance trust by Jackie Chan

In Hawaii Dr.Tsen is a well-known dentist . He is a second-generation Chinese, speaking fluent English, but said that not a few Chinese. In 1997, a chance, Dr.Tsen met with the Hong Kong movie star Jackie Chan, and the two hit it off. In 1999, Jackie Chan went to Hawaii and lived in Dr.Tsen's home, Jackie Chan Dr. Tsen appreciate the spirit of charity, the two hit it off instantly. Jackie Chan, he immediately decided to request Dr.Tsen as president of the Foundation in the United States.

As a world-famous actor and martial arts star Jackie Chan in the April 2004 visit to Cambodia by UNICEF and UNAIDS appointed as Goodwill Ambassador. 2006 Chinese star Jackie Chan as the only one named "Forbes" magazine's "Global Top Ten Star Charity."
"Access to these honors, Jackie Chan, is well-deserved!

Jackie Chan is a very generous person with a humanitarian spirit, he was in Hong Kong and Beijing offices have charitable foundation dedicated to helping those in need of help. He himself very good sense of humor. It is a very simple one. "Dr.Tsen say that this year is already 56-year-old Jackie Chan, because the reasons for martial arts, life looks even younger than the television.

Dr.Tsen say that Chan's act that he is not just a movie star, or a respected public figure worthwhile person. Dr.Tsen revealed that he is doing on behalf of Jackie Chan's system, a number of commemorative gold coins or silver coins, to do a good job when given after Jackie Chan, he gave his friend, in order to better promote the spirit of Jackie Chan's charity, as many people only know that Jackie Chan is a kung fu star, did not know he was a philanthropist. He said that the group of about 250 million U.S. dollars worth of commemorative coins which is currently being designed.

Why is Jackie Chan's Foundation president Dr.Tsen do more than ten years without looking from another person? Dr.Tsen friend Dr. Chen Ming said, because of charitable Dr.Tsen I am also a very dedicated person, often out of his own money to support someone else in private. He was awarded two years ago in Hawaii, therefore is also a model citizen city. To Zhongshan in 2007, when, Dr.Tsen had purchased ten thousand dollars worth of equipment donated to the Eye Hospital and the Triangle Town City People's Hospital. Not only is he a qualified Jackie Chan's Foundation president, is also a good way to fulfill the spirit of the Jackie Chan Charitable people.

■ definitely go back to the Jackie Chan of Zhongshan

Dr.Tsen now in Hong Kong also has a home, a month, he flew back to Hong Kong from the United States should spend a few days. Often, and Jackie Chan to meet? Asked this reporter. "Jackie Chan is a busy man all day throughout the fly." Dr.Tsen said, returned to Hong Kong, as long as Jackie Chan in, they usually meet at times and his agent to meet and talk some foundations do.

"Normally we often have friends ask me for autographed photos of Jackie Chan, I have to find an opportunity for Jackie Chan to sign a good name, a friend of mine." Dr.Tsen says that he and the Foundation, there are large sums of aid spending, he can be also must pay tribute to Jackie Chan's long-sought and obtained his consent before formally issued aid.

Jackie Chan in more than 30 countries, five cities Shi Yuzuo dedicated charity, their strong patriotism and selfless dedication to making it a well-deserved entertainment "charity of the child", his behavior has also set a good entertainment example, led to a large number of Hong Kong artists to invest in charitable activities. "But there are a lot of people do not know Jackie Chan's charitable spirit, I wish that more people understand and join the ranks in the past." Dr.Tsen said.

Dr.Tsen said that this is his second visit to Zhongshan, Zhongshan, that is a very beautiful place, a deep affection for the city of Zhongshan. After seeing Jackie Chan will surely be introduced to Jackie Chan, Zhongshan, Zhongshan him to take a look.

When Jackie Chan will come to Zhongshan? The reporter hurriedly asks. Dr.Tsen said with a smile, Jackie Chan's visit has been routed to two years later. However, if there is a large fund-raising activities, Zhongshan holding poor children to the elderly or special contribution activities, Chan should be very happy to Zhongshan for publicity. In short, if there is a good opportunity and they want within a year can be contributed to Jackie Chan, Sun Yat-sen tour.



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