Friday, October 23, 2009

Chaos at the Opening Ceremony - Jackie calls for order

Chaos at the scene of the opening ceremony for Shaolin results in Jackie calling for order as fans rush into the press area.

Also in the article it is revealed that Jackie will play a monk who is the cook but is also the best kungfu master at Shaolin. It also states his role is just a supporting role.

It also mentions that in order to protect the site a replica of the temple will be built for filming.

Andy Lau, Jackie Chan almost pushed down an emergency as "security"

Yesterday morning, by the Chengdu Huayang Fu small group is responsible for Chupin film "New Temple" in Dengfeng, Henan Shaolin Temple boot, Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, Fan Bingbing, Nicholas Tse, Raymond clusters in their collective debut, attracting a local audience of nearly ten thousand rush to watch the quiet past Shaolin temple, suddenly became a shouting land. Jackie Chan and Andy Lau are two popular supporting characters completely overwhelm Nicholas Tse, two one played at the scene will be chaotic to almost out of control, star-chasing people crowded almost to Andy down, startled no small华仔hurry to appease fans emotions. Shaolin Temple abbot was delighted that such a hot start-up ceremony, indicates that the "new Shaolin Temple" will be sold at the box office.

Wrestling fans almost fanatical华仔

Yesterday, the Shaolin Temple sun is high. 10 am, a press conference in front of the Shaolin Temple Hill. "Here are invited Jackie Chan's eldest brother, Mr. Andy Lau, Nicholas Tse, Mr. Miss Fan Bingbing, Mr. Wu Jing ... ..." When the voice of China Central Television host Jingwei sounded, and the atmosphere reached a climax.

Force to maintain order in the off-site students can not help but go press release area; enthusiastic audience took the opportunity to climb over the railings, only to see the icon for more near-earth ... ... the situation was out of control. A large number of like Andy Lau's fans, including separate ways journalists, non-stop crowded forward, some of the audience shouted: "Andy! Andy Lau!", Suddenly a group of fans Jixiang Andy Lau, Andy Lau and almost squeeze down. Jackie Chan, see the situation a crisis, immediately to play a character of his brother, who called on the scene to maintain order, while Andy Lau is also known that everyone will take the subsequent safety, on-site and order is restored. To welcome a number of stars to the years, the Shaolin Temple held a grand welcome ceremony, a live demonstration of Shaolin Kung Fu Qi Jue.

Jackie Chan to be played 1:1 reconstruction cooking monk

It is understood that the "new Shaolin Temple" as part of the Shaolin Temple Virtual film, but the Shaolin Temple is a national important cultural relic, in order to protect the Shaolin Temple, the film crew will spend a thousand to one to one ratio in the vicinity of re-build a "Shaolin Temple" as the shooting scene.

Yesterday, the film side also announced to be played before the confidentiality of the role of Jackie Chan: Jackie Chan will be the big brother who plays a very high cooking perceptive Buddhist monk, martial, but otherwise remain hidden; Andy Lau will be played by warlords Young Marshal, the latter in conjunction with the cooking when teaching the Shaolin monks boxing; Nicholas Tse will play the male lead is Xingxiazhangyi Shaolin disciples. Three will join forces against the enemy in the film, but Jackie Chan and华仔is pure utility man role, and Fan Bingbing in the play

Nicholas Tse will perform a love story.

No special effects "New Shaolin" Kung Fu Zhen Liang

27 years ago, the Jet Li version of "Shaolin Temple" with real skill to conquer hundreds of millions of viewers, but in recent years a lot of martial arts films, shooting films, with a computer and high-tech production. Shaolin Temple on behalf of Chupin Fang Fu Huayang solemnly said: "The world-famous Shaolin martial arts. There are thousands of young martial arts students as actors, so we will not use a computer to film Kung Fu CG. But have let the actor go to practice, to really fight. We hope that through film, the spirit of the Shaolin Temple to外拍from the inside out, complete show Shaolin kung fu. demonstrate the spirit of Zen Wu. "Directed by Corey Yuen is responsible for filming martial arts, said:" We demand that every actor must master a Shaolin kung fu, such as Nicholas Tse to practice Boxing, Shao-Qun Gong legs to practice, reproduce Jet Li version of "Shaolin Temple" movie-viewing glory. "learned," new Shaolin Temple "will be shot this year is expected to release end of next year around the world.



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