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Jackie in Tangshan

26 evening, "Dragon Seed Heart" song would be Jackie Chan will be at least seven songs to sing
Hebei Urban Network 09-10-26 09:14

October 26 to 27, the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, the internationally renowned film star Jackie Chan Jackie Chan will be held in Tangshan, "Dragon Seed Heart, Tangshan OK" big love charity. In order to massive numbers of visitors promptly and in detail to learn the latest progress of the event, the evening of October 23, this reporter went to Jackie Chan's "Dragon Seed Heart, Tangshan words" public welfare activities, when the project office in Tangshan love special hotel, on the relevant responsible person the interview.

26 songs will be the evening of public service: Jackie Chan played in 7 different ways to sing seven songs for at least

"Is about the stadium, held in Tangshan Stars Jackie Chan together will be the greatest love songs highlight public service is that we use five well-produced short films throughout the whole variety show, including Heart of Dragon introduction, 22 schools in the country on behalf of some students about the the school situation and the Tangshan earthquake the living conditions of older persons with disabilities, Tangshan and Wenchuan today is tomorrow, Jackie Chan performing arts experience and the situation around the auction, etc. The purpose is to allow viewers a more comprehensive and thorough understanding of the 'Dragon Seed Heart' in the situation throughout the country to carry out and called for more entrepreneurs to join the 'Dragon Seed Heart' love to the cause of public welfare. "the young new directors from Beijing, said Zhao Hongwei," party, Jackie Chan, Big Brother will be at least sing seven songs, each played all is different. such as Jackie Chan, from small video leads, leads from other stars Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan and even change from one corner of the stage out of a lot of surprises worth looking forward to. What are the specific singing songs, or watching live it. "

Song of the public will be gathered in the Mainland and Hong Kong and Taiwan and so many famous artists, star lineup really demonstrates the strength of love Jackie Chan's older brother appeal. Zhao guide said: "If there are no special circumstances, 25 the afternoon, all the cast and the majority of artists will be stars one day in advance to the scene to engage in collective rehearsals, which is the general star to place non-commercial speech the same day. Meanwhile, the auction in love At the meeting, Jackie Chan, I will not only personal items for auction, other star artists such as Freddy Adu, Michael Wong, Pang Long, are also positive that there were good things are willing to auction, for the Tangshan dedication to a love of public welfare. "

What items will be auctioned in the end do? Zhao said lead temporarily disclosed. "Overall, the items are on the Jackie Chan film, the value of money, and has a special collection meaningless, he was willing to put their own private collection and love dedicated to the Tangshan."

Lee Young, executive director of the project instrument: Love tour is rich in love is willing to stay in the Tangshan

This event is Jackie Chan's first visit to Hebei Province, large-scale charity. Co-ordinate the activities of Mr. Zhang Kai said was chosen because of Tangshan Tangshan Earthquake experienced, Tangshan people have a day of thanksgiving, love, heart, better able to understand the meaning of love charity. And Tangshan changes and let people see the new face of the indomitable spirit of the people of Tangshan and also hope that through such an event would be Tangshan spread the human spirit.

10 pm, "Dragon Seed Heart, Tangshan words" public welfare activities in the project management, negotiating arrangements for several of Jackie Chan's "Dragon Seed Heart, Tangshan words" the specific itinerary. Just concluded in Beijing related to the work of the project at night when they arrived in Tangshan, executive director of Miss Li Yongyi accepted the reporters.

"Although Jackie Chan in Tangshan only a short day and a half of the time, but we have arranged for love auctions, charity song will, sympathy Tangshan rehabilitation village for the elderly to participate in 'Heart of Dragon' school opening ceremony and many other content, and packing his schedule very full. Of course, we will make every effort to coordinate the fight for more time to arrange for more out of rich content. "

LI Yong-Yi said Jackie Chan charitable activities of the organization of Tangshan process was very concerned about the many inquiries and guide. At present, the activities have entered the final countdown, we had to work every day to a two o'clock in the morning, often day and night, attend to eat, our desire is: "I hope more people who love to give Jackie Chan's' Heart of Dragon 'activities, the greatest support and strive to raise more money for charity in Tangshan to the needy people, to integrate into the Tangshan love this city is full of love Thanksgiving. "

More than 10 volunteers: volunteer, unpaid labor, harvest happiness and moved

Statistics the number of tickets is responsible for calling advice, booking tickets ... loaded ... though it is late at night, but was wearing a white "dragon child heart" T-shirt for more than 10 volunteers are still busy. Most of them are from Tangshan, the major colleges and universities, vocational school, I enrolled in the study of volunteer service to contribute in the activity of a source of strength.

Construction Engineering from the Tangshan Vocational Hsu Meng-yao on September 18 will be added to the team which, more than a month of volunteer work, so she has learned a lot: "I am also a person in Tangshan, as a student, be able to love the cause of to do something few, very happy, and their ability to communicate has also been tempered. "Although as a result of fatigue, Xu Meng-yao are scratchy voice, but she was still a brilliant smile:" tough it worth it. "

October 27, Jiang bubble Luannan Ben towns will have to complete primary school, "Dragon Seed Heart" Financing

October 24 morning telephone interview with reporters, Deputy Secretary for Education Luannan Yong-Jie Zhang, Chief Zhang said: they are very grateful and warmly welcomed the arrival of Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan will participate in the town of Jiang Luannan Ben complete primary school expansion foam foundation stone laying ceremony Jiang bubble "Dragon Seed Heart" school opening ceremony, and donated money and materials to one million yuan. This is a cooperative education between the Government and celebrities in a positive attempt in the future, they will do everything possible to do a good job of teaching to education does not live up to the Ambassadors Jackie Chan, investment and hope.

The present town of Jiang Luannan Ben foam covers an area of 11.7 thousand square meters complete primary school, construction area of 1819 square meters, buildings and more than 80 years of the last century, the old building, the existing 238 faculty, students 502, radiation surrounding seven villages . By Jackie Chan as the sole Tangshan 'Dragon Seed Heart' aided primary schools, principals Shou Meng extremely excited to hear the news: "One can immediately think of the whole school bright and spacious classroom lessons, I am very happy. After thanking Jackie Chan love-funded at the same time, I also feel the heavy responsibility, we will gratitude into unremitting efforts, concerted efforts to improving school with outstanding achievements Jackie Chan returns and social care. "

Professor Chen told reporters in a telephone, at present the school being made welcome banners, display panels and other preparations for painting calligraphy, the students also produced a fine arts and crafts personally prepared a marvelous theatrical performances, is looking forward to Jackie Chan coming. (Kaneta red)

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