Friday, October 23, 2009

Update on Shaolin

This latest news talks about filming dates and Jackie's hair...

Directed by Benny Chan, Nicholas Tse, Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, Fan Bingbing starred together the "new Shaolin Temple" was held yesterday at the Henan Shaolin Temple boot ceremony. Several starring appearance for yesterday's Shaolin Temple robust. Although Nicholas Tse is the "new Shaolin Temple" and male lead, but the two main supporting Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, is clearly more sought after by the media.

Jet Li's 27 years ago starring the "Shaolin Temple" is still being talked about by fans. After 10 years, they never had authorized the Songshan Shaolin Temple to any film companies have taken another shot. Authorized the shooting of the "new Shaolin Temple" is determined by the domestic several well-known film and television company and the Shaolin Temple Culture Communication Co., Ltd. jointly produced, the investment reached 200 million yuan.

In the "New Shaolin Temple", the Nicholas Tse plays a wealthy young ho-kit is the first actor, young arrogant because he had easily defeated the Shaolin monks, rather than place them in the eyes, but the family was persecuted after the warlords, Hao Jie forced to hide in the Shaolin Temple.

The sight of Andy Lau's role in the film is the warlord's son, the media take it for granted that one has his persecution of Nicholas Tse's sake, do not want Andy Lau said: "I told Nicholas Tse encounter inside from the Shaolin Temple began. I played this character before the is the warlords, not very good. because of the family misfortune into the Shaolin Temple, and eventually the good guys. "According to Andy Lau introduction, brother Jackie Chan to play in the film is highly perceptive one pairs of Buddhist monks cook, is temple kung fu best. Andy is very excited that he finally had the opportunity to the big screen with Jackie Chan had two strokes.

***** portion edited out****

Another major supporting role, starred Jackie Chan, although the monks, but the audience may not see Jackie Chan in the "new Shaolin Temple" in the skinhead appearance. "I would also like to shoot in December," Zodiac ", and that the Ministry of movie I would also like to become a director, the time is too close to, if the shaving of the hair can not beat that films had." Chan said yesterday.

It is learned that the "new Shaolin Temple" official start shooting until this year. Due to the reproduction of "Fire Temple" scenario, Benny Chan has started to build another in Hengdian "Shaolin Temple." "New Shaolin Temple," the release time, now tentatively scheduled for end of next year's Lunar New Year stalls.



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