Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dragon's Heart Tangshan

Today Jackie donated 1 million yuan to assist with school renovation and expansion at the Luannan Jiang zi Jackie Chan Heart Primary School.

October 27, the international superstar Jackie Chan came to Luannan in Hebei Province, one million yuan donation to help the school renovation and expansion Luannan Jiang zi Jackie Chan Heart Primary School, which is already in China Jackie Chan donated the first 23 The Dragon Seed Heart Primary School. The photo shows such as Jackie Chan and elementary school teachers with primary school laid the foundation stone for the school.


In a shabby classroom, Jackie Chan and elementary school students eat the lunch of rape, fried white mushrooms and rice, while chatting enthuisiastically.


BEIJING, Tangshan, October 27 (Xinhua Baiyun water) here today in the international superstar Jackie Chan, Hebei Province Luannan primary, attended the foundation laying ceremony of Dragon's Heart Primary School. And with his successful experience in public school warning: Be sure to study well and grow up to serve the country.

"Jackie Chan, we love you!" Jackie Chan's car had 502 primary school children tightly surrounding it. In the smiling faces and full of childish voices cheering, he repeatedly shouted "I am deeply moved, touched ah!"

According to Kang Primary School Shou dream bubble introduction, Jackie Chan came to Hebei Luannan this is based on his great love of the heart in here to donate money to one million yuan to help the school renovation and expansion into a "Dragon's Heart Primary School" This is Jackie Chan donated in the mainland's first 23 Dragon Heart Primary School.

Close to lunchtime, Jackie Chan and about a dozen elementary school students each received a box of fried mushrooms and white rice for lunch, in a humble classroom relish eating up. While the international superstar Jackie Chan is the first time to eat together, but these villages baby but he is not stage fright, curiosity drove them to the left a right a question ask a question could not finish. While Chan has been smiling to drink and chat for the growth of his experience and success stories patiently answered their questions. After listening to public school children, have boasted, "Jackie Chan is terrific ah!"

Jackie Chan wearing a red scarf two children have been infected by young innocence from time to time raised his right hand back to the Young Pioneers to their ceremony. He said that the child I am a poor child, the age of nine to have a leather jacket the joy was intense. Today, I came here to help you build a Dragon's Heart primary school, do not be grateful to me, and I want to tell you to study well and serve the country after the big.

"I love my home, I love my country. Country is my country is my home," Jackie Chan's whim, to teach the children sang the "Guo Jia", Jackie Chan singing and teaching children how to sign language with their interpretation of this is the first patriotic songs. In the song and laughter, the love of Jackie Chan's environmental protection cause and interest to hand-sewn with the kids has played a green shopping bag, and asked the children "to care for our planet, and cherish our beloved homeland."

Jackie Chan's visit is his "Dragon's Heart - Love Tangshan" an important element of charitable activities. 26, Jackie Chan was held in Tangshan, "Charity auction", a total of 5.06 million yuan was raised for charity, at the evening concerts all donated to the local Red Cross


Jackie has lunch with the students.

Jackie also visited a rehabilitation center for paraplegic patients:

and a school for the deaf and blind:


In the news you will see Jackie had a lunch of fried mushrooms, rice and a vegetable translated as 'rape'. The only rape I knew was rape seed oil, which I know is not edible as a vegetable. So here is the information on the Chinese rape or more correctly Yu Choy


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