Monday, October 26, 2009

Love knows no boundaries

Jackie opened the concert in Tangshan with these words ....

"Love knows no boundaries, Love does not know race and Love does not divide us...."

So ... on that note ... here are the first photos of the concert:

Bohai Sea News Network (Xinhuanet Kaneta red) star-studded Golden Autumn Night. October 26 evening, Jackie Chan, "Dragon Seed Heart - love Tangshan line" Stars Love concert staged in Tangshan Stadium Nightlife. The United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, Jackie Chan together internationally renowned Ming-min, Evonne Hsu, Zhou T Chang, Long Pang, Jie, Michael Wong, Adu, Kan Mi Yeon, etc. mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan and South Korea more than 10 stars, for the Tangshan just give the audience a platform loving the show.

A period of "Dragon Seed Heart" of the APIs, the wearing beige clothes Jackie Chan first Chinese appearance, he addressed the language of humor on the easy opening words. Jackie Chan's discourse between the showing of love thanks to dedicated people in Tangshan, he said: "Love knows no boundaries, love is a race, and love is regardless of you my ... ..." and called on the audience audience stood together, hand in hand to pass love together usher in a wonderful night.

That night, Jackie Chan singing the "Tall in the saddle" "Myth" "Drunken Master" "National" and six classic tracks, and to the real natural modes of communication to narrow the distance with the audience, and constantly mobilize the scene of the fiery passion fans . Context throughout the evening of 5 APIs, let people step by step understanding of a "dragon child heart" project, it has been all over the world in every corner, every place has left a Jackie Chan for the charitable cause of the string passed footprints, and sow the piece of love.

The scene, from the National 22, "Dragon Seed Heart" Hope primary schools representative of power, personally the love of Jackie Chan charity gratitude. A primary school from Henan of a mentally retarded boy singing loudly sang, "Tall in the saddle," and he kept saying: "Jackie Chan, I love you!" Attracted the audience applause. Tangshan, "Love Garden" Several children brought flowers for Jackie Chan, and invited him to "Love Park" guest. Rehabilitation of the village two Tangshan Tangshan earthquake after the earthquake survivors described the strong face of life's experiences and Chan shook hands, saying: "You know you want to see us tomorrow, all could not sleep with excitement about her."

In particular, the main event on the evening people shocked, Jackie Chan into the afternoon in Tangshan Charity auction raised a total of 6.051 million yuan donated to charity in Tangshan City, the Red Cross, for charitable work. Tangshan City, Red Cross official said that, we must build a good loving platform for Jackie Chan's love in Tangshan pass, so that 'Dragon Seed Heart' carry forward the spirit of loving devotion.

Colorful flowers everywhere, and erected a white piano. When the Malaysian singer Michael Wong co-operation with the pianist of the romantic ballad Acoustic "fairy tale" "first" music sounded a time when many young audiences inside chorus singing, immersed in a warm ambience; the other one from the Malaysia's singer bull with a "My cattle," "Waves of a blossoming" farm-gate, letting the audience feel the dynamism of the summer sea joy in the breeze.

Concert, a number of star guests bring to the audiences outside of their classic tracks, but also expressed Jackie Chan "Dragon sub-heart" operations support, and said that inspired by Jackie Chan's love and dedication, and will do its utmost to plunge into love among the public welfare undertakings.

Although the late autumn chill of the night is getting stronger, but it lasted three and a half-hour show was one climax after another, cheering rounds. Passion singing star on stage, and the audience love is surging, a common feature in stars and the audience love and gratitude among the people living in such a dynamic, passion and love of the city pride and glory. Finally, all-star collective appearance in Jackie Chan's leadership, together sang "A Hero Never Dies", concert site into a love of the sea.



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