Saturday, October 31, 2009

Jackie and Dragon Style Kung Fu

Well I was sitting here this morning wondering if there was such a thing as dragon-style kung fu. Not being one to sit for long with such thoughts I got up and came to find out from the wonderful world of the internet and google LOL.

And guess what! There is a style of Kung Fu known as Dragon Style and you can read about it on Wikipedia and in this article about the origins of dragon style.

What I found really interesting though is that Jackie uses dragon style in his 1979 movie Dragon Fist. Here is a clip of Jackie showing off dragon style.

What further interested me is that Jackie says in the documentary film Jackie Chan: My Story that his favourite style is Bak Mei and that the master of Dragon Style, Lam Yiu-Kwai and the master of Bak Mei; Cheung Lai-Chuen were good friends from their youth in the Dongjiang region of Huizhou, longtime training partners and later cousins by marriage. As a result Dragon style and Cheung's style of Bak Mei share many similarities.

And lastly the rules/code of Dragon Style sounds very similar to the principles Jackie has stated so often:

Four rules of the Dragon Style

  1. Focus to train and condition the body.
  2. Be righteous and uphold your honor.
  3. Respect your parents, honor your teacher.
  4. Treat others with honesty, treat your friends with loyalty.


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