Sunday, October 25, 2009

New 7 Little Fortunes Hit the Streets in Taiwan for Charity

the first Asian Idol sticks martial arts groups - New Seven Little Fortunes for the first time come to Taiwan to promote their EP. 70's Jackie Chan and the other six brothers teacher with Seven Little Fortunes in Hong Kong, became an international star, Jackie Chan in the Mainland in 2008 the "New Seven Little Fortunes," an official into the military. The same day, the new Seven Little Fortunes for Martial Arts in Taipei, PK Hsimenting a contest, while five big boys also took to the streets raising money for the living alone.

The new Seven Little Fortunes of members: Hai-xiang, Yang Zheng, Xiang, Tu Sheng Cheng, Yi Yang is the average age of 22 years of age five big boys throughout Asia after Jackie Chan's "Legend of the Dragon" Junior Contest, at 270,000 among those who come to the fore, each member of a profound martial arts skills

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