Friday, October 2, 2009

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BEIJING, October 2 Xinhua October 1st night of the capital of a spectacular grand National Day Festival staged in Tiananmen Square. Jackie Chan, Liu Yuanyuan standing in the Great Hall of the top floor with a high-pitched "State" finale sing. This song, the audience greeted with cheers, the whole evening into a climax, everyone of them intoxicated, enjoy singing and dancing, enjoying the big get-together this day and age!

A director deliberately Festival The highlight of the field "state" of the concert stage is set to the Great Hall of the top, so the stage can be described as unprecedented, standing on a high platform of Jackie Chan, Liu Yuanyuan bird's eye view audience, a spectacular scene of the mass gathering to make they are emotionally! Each one sing the lyrics are feeling full of energy!

Accustomed to seeing the face of such great battle scenes of Jackie Chan is also excited, like a shout and cheer like a child. "I'm the mother country a child feels good to sing at home!" Chan says. The Festival in the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the singing, "Five-Star Red Flag" of the Yuan-Yuan Liu is also a long time does not heal feelings of excitement: "Tiananmen Square, tens of thousands of people to see the happy smiling faces and enthusiastic cheering, I could not help glad cried! This is my great motherland! I feel very proud of! "

It is reported that on the night of October 3, Jackie Chan, Liu Yuanyuan will be coming out in Jiangxi Yichun China Central Television held a large-scale Mid-Autumn Festival party broadcast live, once again sing the "national" and the global Chinese to spend full moon night!


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