Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Conversation between two teenagers

I have absolutely no idea why this conversation was recorded and available on a blog but the bit about Jackie is very sweet.

As the original contains names and emails I will not post the link here.

You: hi ~ ~ ~ ~
Stranger: hi
You: what ru doing?
Stranger: internet shopping
You: oh .. i love it. I usually do it ..
Stranger: yes
Stranger: what your name
You: *** ~ and u?
Stranger: ***
Stranger: age?
You: 16 ~
You: *** where are you from?
Stranger: Japan
Stranger: u?
You: China ~
Stranger: oh really?
You: yes,,
Stranger: I like china
You: i really like japan
Stranger: why like japan?
You: anime
Stranger: oh i see
You: star ~
You: i love yamap ~ ~
Stranger: do you like manga?
Stranger: yamasita?
You: yes. I love manga ..
Stranger: tomohisa?
You: NEWS and KATTUN ~ ~
Stranger: KATTUN? I love them
Stranger: too
You: Teppei Koike my favorite
Stranger: oh you know many stars in japan
You: yes,, i love Johnny's
Stranger: I know Zhang Ziyi
You: oh. She is nice
Stranger: yes
Stranger: and
Stranger: Alec Su
Stranger: he is very cool
You: haha ~ how do you konw him?
You: through a TV play?
Stranger: I saw My Fair Princess
Stranger: 3 years ago
Stranger: on internet
You: oh .. hve many Japanese saw it?
You: Princess Huan Zhu is very famous ..
Stranger: I don'y know, but I think some people saw that
Stranger: yes
Stranger: It's very fun
You: when i was 7. I have seen it ..
Stranger: really?
You: uh ..
You: yes ..
Stranger: very old
Stranger: but funny!
You: yes .. very old.
You: it's great
Stranger: Vicki Zhao is very pretty
You: and active ~
Stranger: her eyes is beautiful
You: its big!
Stranger: yes!
Stranger: i have small eyes
Stranger: then i envy her
You: haha ... now i can see the play on our TV ...
Stranger: and I like Chan Kong-sang, very so much!! His movie is very fantastic
Stranger: do you like him?
You: of curse ~
You: we call him Jackie Chan
Stranger: he is very cool and comic
You: Jackie Chan
Stranger: Yes! Jackie Chan! I know his English name
You: hey, ~ and he is kind and generous ~
Stranger: i see
You: he has so much money ..
Stranger: i like hin so mush. Very gentle
You: and he also use it to help poor people ~ ~
Stranger: I saw that on the article
Stranger: he is my hero
You: he is really a good man ..
Stranger: yes


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