Saturday, October 17, 2009

Looking for Jackie

Regarding the sharing of movies - I find myself in a bit of dilemma regarding the sharing of movies. I understand both sides of the problem. From the artists' perspective every copy that is shared instead of sold legally robs them of income. On the other hand movies are expensive and in many places incredibly difficult if not impossible to obtain.

The argument goes that the cost of the movie goes up the more movies are shared. I would argue that if companies made movies more widely available globally at a reasonable price the incentive to copy/share will be greatly reduced.

For some people video sharing may well be the only way they will ever see the movie. For me personally watching hard to obtain movies via video sharing has made me want to obtain a good legal copy of the movie more than ever so that (a) I can watch it on a large(-r) screen on the TV and (b) watch a CLEAR copy.

So long story short - here is Looking for Jackie which has been uploaded onto Youtube (THANK YOU) collected together in one place to make it easier to watch. Enjoy - but - if possible PLEASE buy a legal copy as well!


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