Monday, October 26, 2009

Jackie would like to have his own brand of tea

Speaking in an interview after the private tea party in Hangzhou on Friday Jackie had this to say about developing his own brand of tea:

Consider Inventing "Jackie Chan" tea brand

To "test tea regiment," Jackie Chan attend the tea party, in an interview shown on tea and tea culture of interest. He said: "Maybe a lot of people do not know, I was Tea ambassador." Chan said frankly that is very interested in tea, would like to own a tea brand, "I find that the gift is given to a foreigner is basically so few samples , where tea is quite a gift with Chinese characteristics, but not a brand. "He says:" For example, I ask you what brand tea is best, who know? "someone replied in Yunnan, Jackie Chan said with a smile:" That was origin. "

Has invested in a cafe, Chan said he has good credibility as a star, can give a good endorsement of the brand sales, he believes, then make their own tea brand, "such as Jackie Chan, Pu'er tea, it should also sell quite well. "Chan said it has had such thoughts," It is mainly made of Pu'er tea cakes, but the time to breaking off a piece of foam, it is quite troubling. I plan to made one by one packet, there are three copies, four copies of the case. I am also ready to own Pu'er tea sold to overseas markets, because I have a lot of contact with foreign friends, this is very good as a gift. "



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