Friday, October 30, 2009

Jackie Chan intends to attend the opening ceremony of Green Forum

According to reporters from the second session of the Organizing Committee of the China Green Development Forum acknowledged that the international well-known philanthropist, Vice Chairman of China Film Association Jackie Chan intends to attend the November 13 this year in Beijing Great Hall of the opening of the second session of the China Green Development Forum. Up to now, in China Green News and Sohu, China launched the green channel nomination List Top Ten Green NEWSMAKER-line public voting campaign, supported by the high rate of Jackie Chan has maintained the first position. From the November 13 awards ceremony there are 10 days time, Jackie Chan, could end up China's top ten green and newsmakers have no suspense, because Chan was already in people's minds as "green people". Jackie Chan has always been very concerned about the green Green Forum newsmaker selection activities, he was also named a finalist for last year's first Top 30 China Top Ten Green headlines.

In order to pay back the community Jackie Chan in 1988 established a charitable foundation named after himself to help poor children, the disabled, the elderly, and those in the field of science and the arts rather pursue students. Over the years, whether it is making a donation, or endorsement charities, from Hong Kong to the Mainland, from Asia to Africa, can see the Jackie Chan's shadow. With Jackie Chan's expansion of influence in the world, Jackie Chan's charity towards the world began, and now, Jackie Chan in nearly 30 countries, more than 50 cities have done a hundreds of good things. In recent years, Jackie Chan has gradually plunge into a series of public events to go, and mainly concentrated in the environment, health, natural disasters, charity student, the Olympic Games and other projects. Jackie Chan and former Beatles member Paul McCartney, U2 band members Bono, etc. along with Forbes magazine's "world's top ten charitable celebrities." Jackie Chan for the artists expressed their views on the responsibility, public charities have a starting point, but there is no end, we should always do so until it can not do so far. Environmental protection is everyone's responsibility and obligation to, artists are public figures, artists of the words and deeds have on society a wide range of effects, and therefore must shoulder certain social responsibilities, publicity of environmental protection, promoting green living, art that people can not shirk of social responsibility. Artists should take advantage of every opportunity to promote environmental protection, and set an example for environmental protection as something practical.



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