Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You heard it here first!


Some background information first in case you are as ignorant of this as I am

In the world of online gaming there is a game called Weapons of the Gods, released earlier this year. Wikipedia also has some information on the game. A promotional video for the game can be seen here or here.

There are unconfirmed reports hitting the Chinese blogs that Jackie and Nicholas Tse have been approached to star in a movie adaption of the game with a projected budget of 200 million yuan.

Translations of the report can be seen here and here.

I must say that the game looks pretty cool even though I am not into online gaming, and I have always thought that Jackie would be brilliant in a heavily CGI fantasy type movie ever since I saw Ultraviolet (IMDB, Wikipedia, trailer) because several members of JC Stunt team (including one very familiar name Gang Wu) are part of the choreography team for the film which was shot on location in Shanghai.

The movie wasn't the greatest but watchable. It was mostly interesting for what was happening behind the camera. The CGI and digital effects were done by the China Film Group Corporation and while it doesn't quite match the quality of Hollywood in places it is good indication of where Chinese CGI is heading.

Cinematography was by Arthur Wong whose name should be familiar from other Jackie movies if you take a quick look at his IMDB page.

Anyway this movie in particular got me thinking about how good Jackie would be in this kind of role because of the decidedly Jackie influenced quality to the stunt choreography combined with the CGI/fantasy quality.

Even if he does hate wire-work!

But after watching the promotional movie wouldn't you just love to see Jackie on a dragon?


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