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Dragon's Heart, Tangshan, Hebei, 12-13 October 2009

Press conference in Tangshan, Hebei today announced that Jackie will be in Tangshan on the 12 -13 October.

Today was the 33 Anniversary of the Tangshan earthquake in 1976.

Today marks the 33rd anniversary of the Great Tangshan Earthquake, believed to be the largest earthquake disaster of the 20th century thanks to its immense death toll. The earthquake hit very early in the morning, at 3:42am, which contributed to its extreme deadliness. Chinese official sources stated that it measured a 7.8 on the Richter scale. It was then followed by a 7.8 magnitude aftershock about 16 hours later.

The government reaction to the Tangshan earthquake compared to that of the Sichuan earthquake of 2008 is one measurement of how much China has changed in the past three decades. While the official death toll for Tangshan is 242,419, the figure is shrouded in controversy. According to Wikipedia:

The Tangshan earthquake killed 242,419 people according to official figures, though some sources estimate a death toll is up to three times higher. This would make it the deadliest earthquake in modern times, and the second or third deadliest in recorded history. It is worth noting that the population of Tangshan at the time of quake strike was estimated to be around 1.6 million. As most of Tangshan's city proper was flattened, it is reasonable to estimate the actual death toll to be much higher.

Many experts believe the Chinese government has never released an accurate death toll for the disaster. The death toll figure of 242,419 came from the Chinese Seismological Service in 1988, while some sources have estimated the death toll to be at 650,000. Others range as high as 700,000. The initial estimates of 655,000 dead and 779,000 injured were released by Hebei Revolutionary Committee.

The earthquake will be making its way to the silver screen next year, according to CRI English. Feng Xiaogang, director of Big Shot's Funeral and The Banquet, has started shooting Aftershock, a story of how the Tangshan Earthquake affected the lives surrounding a seven-year-old girl. It'll be the first Chinese film to be released in IMAX and plans on premiering exactly a year from now.


More on the earthquake from WIKIPEDIA

In other related news:

The Jackie Chan's "Dragon's Heart Tangshan OK" large-scale public welfare activities are not only full participation of Jackie Chan, Mr. Chan is also the call, and driven by kin, Zhang Liang Ying, Rene Liu, Nicholas Tse, Jaycee Chan, Yu Quan, Adu , Seung Jun and other Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and South Korea to join one of many stars. Concert will take place on October 12, 2009 in Tangshan Stadium, the theme of "Let love be delivered, cheer the new Tangshan, cheer Caofeidian", this concert size second only to Jackie Chan's Bird's Nest concert. Concert in the China Central Television, Hebei TV broadcast, the Associated Press (USA), Reuters (United Kingdom), TVB (Hong Kong cable TV), Phoenix TV, CCTV, BTV and many other well-known TV media will gather in Tangshan , for coverage of this event.

There has also been a call for volunteers:

Current volunteer needs under the following three categories: singing with Jackie Chan volunteers, flowers volunteers to participate in volunteer service throughout volunteers. Volunteers aged 18-40 years of age need between. And Chan, volunteer chorus demanding a good image has a certain vocal foundation, has rich experience in stage performances, Jackie Chan will sing songs such as "Sincere Hero", "State", "Myth" and so on, need 20 people; flowers Volunteers require a good image, that women not limited to, take 20; participate in volunteer service volunteer entire volume of tasks will be heavier, require voluntary service experience, be able to endure hardship, need 50 people.

and from the same site this additional information;

"In October, Jackie Chan with you Tangshan see!"

33 front-page newspaper published the news of, it caused a lot of people and reader attention, and have telephone consultation. "Jackie Chan in Tangshan city in October to do what?" "In Jackie Chan's concert, what the star appear?" "As a member, how can we participate in the activities of this?"

Thus, the reporter interviewed Jackie Chan with these issues, "Dragon's Heart Tangshan OK" Big Love charity event organizing committee. He told reporters that the theme of the event is "Let love be delivered, cheer the new Tangshan, cheer Caofeidian", will be October 12 in Tangshan Stadium organized, and Jackie Chan, the purpose of the visits to Tangshan and routes to do a detailed introduction.

Quest one of the "activities Origin":

The Government strongly supports the new Tangshan love singing.

Today's Tangshan, is a loved rebuilt the city, a city know how to Thanksgiving, although after disaster, but "thanksgiving, love, open, beyond the" new humanism Weiranchuli Tangshan.
In the "Caofeidian International Forum" held on the eve of Tangshan Municipal Propaganda Department has invited Jackie Chan Jackie Chan to hold the Tang, "Dragon's Heart Tangshan OK" large love charitable activities to applaud the new Tangshan, cheer Caofeidian, in this heroic city once again sing the "Big Love, Betty," the main theme. As the world's well-known international star, United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, Jackie Chan has been committed to charitable causes, and raise the organization of the dragons, "Dragon's Heart" love works.

Quest of the two "tour":

Jackie Chan's journey of love and then pass in full swing.

The Jackie Chan's journey of love public service activities have been more concerned about the outside world, journalists in particular to Jackie Chan - Dragon's Heart event organizers learned that roughly Events: The son of Jackie Chan's Dragon's Heart Primary School student section as well as the awarding, and donations learning materials, visits to schools during the Tang's "River Wa Zi"; to the Tangshan earthquake in the rehabilitation of the village to visit the disabled person. In addition, the activities of the organizing committee also arranged for a special session - a charity auction, when Jackie Chan in the auction scene in the past his collection of movie props and related accessories for auction and the proceeds used to support the Tangshan and the Sichuan community philanthropy. The love public service activities will be invited to full participation of a notary public notarized and ready to accept the audit department audits. Night, love Jackie Chan join Star charity concert in the stadium, and invited the audience on the same stage singing in Tangshan.

Quest of the three "Star Team":

Jackie Chan stars shine Tangshan group together .

The Jackie Chan's "Dragon's Heart Tangshan OK" large-scale charity concert will be held at Jackie Chan's first visit to Hebei Province, a large-scale charity. Jackie Chan is not only fully involved, and he will be invited to dozens of front-line stars join to help out, and the concert will be invited to host two Phoenix featuring well-known host. It is reported that this shows the beginning of the nest after Jackie Chan's concert will be the scale of the star performing a strong lineup, it is worth looking forward to.

In this concert which will see the star in the figure is that many members of the public and readers of the most concern. The person in charge of organizing committee told reporters that the present Ni Yao, performing artists and guests are kin, Zhang Liang Ying, Rene Liu, Nicholas Tse, Jaycee Chan, Yu Quan, Adu, Seung Jun and other Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and South Korea large number of stars. Meanwhile, the concert will be setting up some special "local characteristics of programs and segments" and "Chinese characteristics, program unit" in order to meet during the forum Caofeidian Tangshan overseas guests and local audience viewing needs. Moreover, this concert will be in Hebei, China Central Television and shown on television.

As of press time, the famous host Wu Xiaoli Phoenix has been identified as one of the hosts concerts. Meanwhile, the final scene stars the exact list will be announced shortly.
Quest of the four "members of the public how to participate":

Perform the same stage for the city to find persons, flowers and those volunteers
Recent days, it is often called to ask readers love Jackie Chan, who perform concerts in conjunction with Taiwan, flowers and those volunteers, the enrollment method.
Reporters on the organizing committee was informed that the event to recruit volunteers, a total of 50, asked in good health, language fluency, there is plenty of time and energy, working hours for the September mid--10 15, work for the campus promotion, activities, poster, performances on-site services, etc.; the same time, free of charge to all volunteers will participate in full activities; activities of the day with Jackie Chan, who will sing at the same stage 20 to require a good image has a certain vocal foundation, Jackie Chan will sing songs, such as "A Hero Never Dies," "State", "myth" and so on; flowers were 20, the image is good, not limited to men and women.

Organizing Committee requirements, the conditions of the applicants between 18-40 years of age.

Quest of the five "media attention":

Local and international media gathered in the new Tangshan Tangshan to go to the world
The Jackie Chan's "Dragon Heart Tangshan sub-line" love public service activities have also attracted large media attention. By then, the Associated Press (USA), Reuters (UK) and other foreign media, the event will track reports, often in cooperation with the Jackie Chan's media TVB (Hong Kong cable TV) will be fully involved Jackie Chan's visit to Tangshan, together also come to Hong Kong's Phoenix TV, CCTV, BTV (Beijing Television) and a number of television media, a number of well-known sites such as Baidu, Sina, Sohu, TOM, will in the same period in the Web site reported. In addition, fashion music video gold section "Entertainment Live," "Music Fengyun Bang," "Best Live", "Television Fengyun Bang," "Fashion Fengyun Bang" and also will go to Tangshan to participate. Jackie Chan's "Dragon's Heart Tangshan OK" large love public service activities to make the world's attention focused on the beauty of the new Tangshan, a brand new Phoenix once again attracted worldwide attention. and


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