Thursday, August 13, 2009

Typhoon Morakot Disaster Relief

I don't know if you all are aware of the Typhoon that hit the southern part of China (Fujian) and Taiwan on Friday/Saturday.

Some news here: LINK   LINK 2   LINK 3  LINK4 (just as a random sampling of the news)

I believe there is also some footage on Youtube if you want to search for it.

One report has 2.5 meters of rain falling on Taiwan over the weekend, with 62 people dead, hundreds missing and $89 million damage. Over 1.4 million people have been displaced in China.

Anyway Andy Lau will be participating in a Taiwan Disaster Relief Event and Jackie is expected to also participate via a telephone link

Translated news on the event here

Disasters like this are always so hard to cope with because they are so overwhelming in their magnitude. My heart goes out to every person affected by this. I hope that everyone finds the help, comfort and support they need at this time.