Thursday, August 27, 2009

Progress Report from Dragon's Heart Charity Website

Despite having posted the link to the Chinese Dragon's Heart Website, I know people do not follow links (except videos LOL)  so I am posting this translated progress report from the Dragon's Heart Website. It is dated 2006 so it would be really good to know what the updated numbers are but it is still moving to read just how many people Dragon's Heart impacts. 

Since 2004, Mr. Chan started the "Dragon's heart" project has been widespread concern in society. Jackie Chan themselves, with their enormous social influence, charisma and credibility, and the community power of the organic combination. At the same time also received a positive response to social forces so that the "Dragon'sHeart" project to be rapidly and has received significant results, benefiting the area covers a wide range. Currently footprints have been all over Xinjiang (Awat), Guizhou (Liupanshui), Jilin (Yanbian), Shandong (Zaozhuang), donated a total of chips, "Dragon's Heart" Primary 4, "Dragon's Heart" secondary one, "Dragon's Heart "Children's Palace, a library, gymnasium each one," Dragon's Heart, "a poverty-stricken people with disabilities residential homes. By the end of July 2006, this will set foot in southern Guizhou Province, Guizhou, and then donated chips, "Dragon's Heart" water museum a book, "Dragon's Heart" by primary 1-2. Already completed are: Guizhou 3 "Dragon's Heart" primary schools, one in Xinjiang, "Dragon's Heart" primary schools; nearing completion are: Xinjiang, "Dragon's Heart" library, "Dragon's Heart" Children's Palace and the "Heart of Dragon "Stadium each one, Shandong Zaozhuang" Dragon's Heart "secondary one. Will be started soon: the Yanbian "Dragon's Heart" poverty-stricken homes of persons with disabilities district, Guizhou, southern Guizhou Province, "Dragon's Heart," a primary school, a museum book Qiannan Water, South Guizhou, "Dragon's Heart" Early Education Center, a charitable, Qiannan Teachers College, "Dragon's Heart" Education Fund 1 (10 million yuan). Changchun, Jilin, "Dragon's Heart," a secondary school, orphans and school "Dragon's Heart," a teaching building, Wenshang "Dragon's Heart" Primary 1, Inner Mongolia Hangjinqi "Dragon's  Heart," a primary school.

At present, these projects were the use of funds (raised) a total of 50.57 million yuan (of which 3.1 million own funds, materials, equivalent to RMB 1.51 million, teaching equipment, 1 million), material equivalent to four million yuan. 8994 students, 500 people with disabilities, 270 elderly people, 140 deaf and dumb students, and 718 orphans in orphanages.

In Jackie Chan's efforts, under the impetus of the community, "Dragon's Heart" project will, as always, make persistent efforts, more and better for the country's charitable contribution to the cause. Satisfactorily achieve Jackie Chan and the community who love the good wishes.

Jackie Chan's "Dragon's Heart" project
August 28, 2006

If this moves you to donate -


The Dragon's Heart Foundation
145 Waterloo Road
Kowloon, Hong Kong



PS there are in fact TWO websites for Dragon's Heart in Chinese: Here is the link to the other one: DRAGON'S HEART


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