Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jackie's Visit to Henan Last Year

This news report, dated August this year, has Jackie visiting Henan with the Dragon's Heart Charity in October. He will hold a foundation laying ceremony for the Dragon's Heart School for Special Needs Children, visit a home for the elderly and of course hold an auction. He will also hold a "Jackie Chan's friends love and appreciation cultural evening"

According to the report:

Henan Province will be responsible for receiving Jackie Chan Charity auction of personal items and the community structures of charitable donations, so as to establish Henan Charity "Dragon's  Heart," a special fund for poverty-stricken areas in Henan province to build or expand, alteration "Jackie Chan - Dragon's Heart" charity school by the "Dragon's Heart" for the maintenance of 3-5 years.

Translated Link: news

However it is in fact about Jackie's visit to Henan LAST year and there is a report HERE about the visit. It is still interesting to read though to learn more about the activities and goals of the visit.


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