Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jackie California Fitness Anniversary Hong Kong

The program a few days we have reported Jackie Chan charity concert in the Bird's Nest will run the news yesterday, returned to Hong Kong from Beijing, he is still immersed in the concert of the joy of success, he also claimed to reporters: To prepare for love this concert, but their 48 hours straight without sleep.

White T-shirt, blue sport trousers, is very casual and sport coat to the waist line. In fact, the same day in Hong Kong Jackie Chan Jackie Chan to participate in the Fitness Center is the first anniversary of the activities, no wonder it is a dynamic appearance.

Since it is the first anniversary of fitness centers and activities, of course, all around the campaign. However, how Jackie Chan stood behind came a group of men into battle? Do they want to fight is not Jackie Chan Campaign?

In fact, they are to participate in swimming competitions. This is not Jackie Chan on the camera when the token in hand to play the game when they appear. Jackie Chan to say such a natural movement, how do they not also try to test their abilities into the water?


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