Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jackie's Video Message to the people of Taiwan

An approximate translation of what Jackie said: 

Typhoon "Morak"  brought  to Taiwan a serious disaster, I have been concerned about it. To see your home, relatives, in a moment lost. I appeared before the television, in addition to feeling pain, anxiety, I really do not know what I can do for you.

Now, the disaster has occurred, let us together to face it bravely.

I want to say that Taiwan is not alone, we and our allies around the world will stand together with the people of Taiwan.

Do not be afraid, if the wind and rain is again big, we will block together; no family to join us in the reconstruction efforts; post-disaster reconstruction will be long-lasting battle, need more resources, I will continue to pay attention to. Hope that we share everything,warms Taiwan with our compassion, with strength which loves, supports for the disaster compatriots has an intention the love family.

Taiwan, Come on!

Jackie Chan 2009/8/13