Friday, August 14, 2009

CCTV Beijing Olympics Celebration and Award Ceremony

CCTV is hosting/presenting an anniversary celebration and award ceremony on the 24th of August for the Beijing Olympic Games.

Anniversary celebration of the Beijing Olympics packages: Olympic Art Exhibition, "China's wealth and the development of the Olympic Games" Forum and the Beijing Olympics anniversary presentation ceremony were the three main themes of the evening and part of 60. Evenings will be presented:Special Contribution Award Green Olympics, People's Olympics Special Contribution Award, Technology Award for special contributions to the Olympic Games, the Olympic Games contribute to the charm of Star Award, the hotel reception the best environment for the Olympic Games and the best service award, such as the eight of the ten award categories. Event will be attended by the leaders are: Wu Bangguo, Liu, Liu Qi, Liu Peng, Cai Wu, Guo Jinlong, high Zhanxiang, Yuan Weimin, Sun, Jiang Xiaoyu, etc.. Sports people to attend the event are as follows: He Zhenliang, Deng Yaping, Hu Jiayan, Wei Jizhong, Xu Haifeng, Li, Ma Yanhong, such as Olympic champion. Olympic star party will be invited guests and the Performing Arts:: Jackie Chan, Liu Huan, Song Zuying, Lee Hom, Bai, Zhu Jun, 蒋雯丽, 小柯, Jing Tan, Xia Yu, Qiang Dai, Han, etc. 20. August 24, 2009 Beijing Olympic Games Awards Festival activities will be organized by China Central Television studio grand.