Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More on China Drama Acadamy 50 years Celebration

We all know that the Seven Little Fortunes and the China Drama Acadamy is celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year, but the events planned for this year are not over:

For its 50th anniversary, Seven Little Fortunes members would perform charity work. On November 13 an anniversary celebration will be held at Intercontinental Hotel. Overseas brethren will return to Hong Kong to attend. Master Yu Jim Yuen's daughter Yu So Chau will return from San Francisco as well. Limited edition Seven Little Fortunes figurines and member interview DVD will be sold for charity.


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One little bit of information that caught my eye that I did not know was this:

Jackie Chan was originally named Chan Kong Sun, family name Fong Si Lung. Reportedly he was the descendant of the famous Tang Dynasty official Fang Xuanling.

Information on Fang Xuanling at Wikipedia

 I suspect this is wishful thinking on the part of some one. How one could trace ancestry back that far I have no idea. But it's a nice idea though.


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