Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Interesting article on Charity

Here is an interesting article on charity in China. I quote the section about Jackie below, but please go and read the whole article. It is not a bad translation and gives the charitable activities for a variety of stars (Andy Lau, Jet Li, Faye Wong, Zhang Ziyi amongst others) as well as discussing the importance and effect public acts of charity have.

1. Jackie Chan: Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation

"Uninterrupted commitment to public welfare undertakings, so that transmission of immortal love." Jackie Chan's love in the dictionary never stood so wishes. Established in 1988, Jackie Chan "Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation," has been around the world adhere to go to carry out charity work. Beijing, South Africa, Bangkok, Indonesia, Athens, Vietnam, Moscow, Portugal, India and many other countries and regions have left the footsteps of their good deeds. In August 2004, Jackie Chan has set up a "China Social Work Association, Jackie Chan, Albert Yeung public charitable funds." Initiated the "Dragon Seed Heart" public charitable activities.

Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, mainly targeted at helping poor children, people with disabilities, living alone and in need of social assistance to vulnerable groups and those in the field of science and the arts rather the pursuit of students.

2006 Chinese star Jackie Chan as the only one named "Forbes" magazine's "Global Top Ten Star Charity," and he had decided to donate half of his property, "Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation."



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