Monday, August 24, 2009

Jackie Chan in Wax around the World

A visit to the Madame Tussauds website, is enlightening because they list all the museums and the figures at each one. So here is the comprehensive list of Wax Jackie's around the world. 

Hollywood: "Movie Characters" - Jackie Chan.

Hong Kong: "Kung Fu Stars" - Jackie Chan.

New York: Doesn't list Jackie as amongst their figures but I know he is there from this News report.

Shanghai: "Asian Film Stars" - Jackie Chan. (Translated page)

(Each location links to Jackie's page at that particular branch)

Now I know I told you Jackie in NY was orange but I can't find the news report about it which I read so long ago. 

Jackie New York

Popcorn News

Jackie's image in London during a temporary Chinese New Exhibit January 2006

Xinhua News

Jackie Hong Kong April 2009

Jackie Shanghai Jan 2009

quachee's blog

Jackie Hollywood 1 August 2009

beastandbean's photostream flikr


dollyfong said...

Jackie Chan deserves the honour, absolutely!

Anonymous said...

Yes he does ABSOLUTELY!

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