Thursday, March 4, 2010

Opening the Doors to Love

Jackie Chan donated orphanage in Hebei "Loving Parents" treatment comfort

2010-03-04 07:22:11 Author: Chen Lin Source: China News Net


By well-known movie star Jackie Chan donated children's welfare homes in the Mainland, from the outset were well received. Olympic champion Guo Jingjing and nowhere Embassy military attache's wife still on, the hospital abandoned babies and disabled collection "Loving parents" out of the generous "treatment" on the 3rd here be exposed, once again aroused extensive attention.

Mitutoyo is located in Baoding, Hebei Province Baoding Road No. 73, Children's Welfare Institution, is the province's largest and best facilities for children's welfare homes in 2005, set up by the Hong Kong movie star Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation to start the construction, Baoding Ji Olympic champion Guo Jingjing, Ge Yang once served as "ambassador of love activity." 2009, 61 States Embassy military attache's wife to visit the hospital caused a sensation here.

According to the hospital introduced the hospital has now adopted more than 80 orphaned and disabled children, although the hospital has been well cared for, but lack the warm family atmosphere and parental love. After comprehensive consideration, the hospital decided to collect to the public, "Caring Parents" for disabled children and the formation of "family." In a manner that the provision of family-style orphanage houses, by the couple acted as a "father" and "Mom", with 4-6 and disabled children to live together.

Free of charge Sishiliangting housing, but also to get 750 yuan monthly salary is Baoding children's welfare homes to the "Caring parents" out of the favored "treatment." It was disclosed that the hospital a total of 12 new three-storey "family building", each household of the residential structures are Sishiliangting, kitchen, wash rooms, electricity, heating, gas and other living facilities. Volunteer to join the love, the couple may stay free of charge, the monthly "Mom," we can receive 750 yuan compensation, the amount of their care for orphaned and disabled children, but also to give in kind or cash to subsistence benefits.

Baoding Children Welfare Li Hongqi Dean said that at present, there more than a dozen pairs of "Loving parents" willing to join the register, but also his wife expressed their willingness to stay to take care of their children bring their own furniture. Even great number of people to "love houses" donated television sets, refrigerators, children's beds and other daily necessities.


成龙在河北捐建福利院 “爱心父母”待遇舒适

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