Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jackie retires from Action

Well he has been saying in Chinese media that AOG3: Chinese Zodiac / Twelve Zodiacs is going to be his last big action movie. So this isn't really NEW news.

Jackie Chan hangs up kung fu kicks after The Spy Next Door

The Hong Kong dynamo has revealed he's getting too old for the death-defying stunts that made his name.

Chan is in cinemas from today with The Spy Next Door, in which he plays a spy juggling babysitting duties with fighting terrorists.

In July, he'll fill the Mr Miyagi-style role in The Karate Kid. Then he's planning to go out in style with Asian action extravaganza Armour of God 3. He will star and direct.

"It'll probably be my last big action movie," Chan says. "I'm 55 - when I finish the movie I'll be 56 and when we release it I'll be 57. But I want to show the audience I can still do a lot of things."

Chan has suffered so many injuries in the course of his career, he's now in constant pain.

"A lot," he says with emphasis. "My shoulder, my arms . . ." He points at his groin: "Here. All the joints really hurt . . . you don't know! My back!"

Chan says his most painful stunt was simply falling the wrong way during the making of Police Story.

"I thought 'I'm dying' . . . I thought my backbone had gone through my heart," he says. "There was all this blood coming out. That hurt but I wasn't dying."



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