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Report On Shaolin

Directed by Benny Chan "New Temple" Since the announcement last year filming the Songshan Shaolin Temple, has been well received by the concern, because without him, Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, two 20-year co-operation had not "big brother" The bringing together finally. Recently, in Hengdian shot more than half of the "new Shaolin Temple" for the first time, opening up the media Tan Ban. Interview, Jackie Chan complained, originally for the sensibilities, he guest starred, and now it is constantly jam-making, seven days, he shot nearly 14 days Xifen. While Andy Lau is feeling really can not learn martial arts to the Jackie Chan, but played with a group of 67-year-old novices of the Wu school students with the martial arts.

To restore the Basilica of the Shaolin Temple 3

Songshan Shaolin Temple in the boot before the ceremony, the director Benny Chan has disclosed, it is necessary to re-build a Shaolin Temple in Hengdian. This time, the "new Shaolin Temple" Fang Rock Studios, the reporter who had seen a 1:1 ratio to create a "new Shaolin Temple." A year ago, and high-Chihi edition of "Three Kingdoms" and "Meng Huo Great Camp" wasteland, is now being built main gate, the Heavenly King Hall, the Basilica of the famous Shaolin Temple 3 depositary of Buddhist texts. According to Benny Chan introduced, only that the three themes buildings, King costs have been set up to 10 million yuan, the overall project took four months.

In the interview, went to the Songshan Shaolin Temple of Andy Lau, who is being pointed at the Mountain Gate told reporters: "I did not think of this film so expensive, and really made exactly the same." According to Benny Chan introduced, and even the depositary of Buddhist texts in front of two pine trees 45-story Art Group have been used, and genuine wood processing were exactly the same. "Only a depositary of Buddhist texts where the Buddha was amplified, because the lens to highlight the magnificent effect." Benny Chan said, so the film finished, these buildings will be retained, "too, with or without walking. In fact was a little reluctant, I did not expect to do so real. "

Andy Lau to teach "little monks" jump "ax Gang Dance"

From the "New Police Story," "Baby Plan" to "Invisible Target", "keep calling," Benny Chan's work in recent years, all had to "fight" reflexes. He candidly stated that his new film to be a "less fight," but in the end, he was the "new Shaolin Temple" script impressed. More importantly, Jackie Chan and Andy Lau gathered, Benny Chan said: "I 华仔 co-operation of the four films, all things 10 years ago, such as" A Moment of Romance, "Now that I think was like yesterday things. 华仔 and (Jackie Chan) brother has for many years without making a film together, so this is really an old friend of the Ju Qi. "

So can "blockbuster" and old friends gathered together in a natural inevitably asked by the media and then the feeling of cooperation, in particular, and Jackie Chan is said there are many opponents to play Andy Lau opera is even more direct questioning by the media: The opera will be playing the co-operation, as in 1990's "Fire Island," That market, like the prison scene, then the horrible do? "Our fight drama do not shoot, you ask me, I can only do not know." Andy Lau said. That 华仔 privately with Jackie Chan will do sets of strokes? "I dare not 呀!" Said Andy Lau half-truths. According to 华仔 said, initially, because they feel their effort is not so severe, had also taken into account do not show the "new Shaolin Temple", "I feel that my skill can not 'Shaolin Temple' level." Read the script in detail later, Andy Lau found himself played this because they were Daughter and hid in the temple of the warlords in the film are "less likely to fight and that a group of", "So I played privately and those who are 'novices' in the school a little boy with the Wu martial arts, they almost all 67-year-old. They have taught me a lot, and my reward is to teach them to dance, they are more like "Kung Fu" period where ax Gang Dance ... ... we are learning from each other. "

Cheat Sheet by Andy Lau, Jackie Chan to play recorded lines

For Jackie Chan, Andy Lau since the statement would not have dared set of strokes martial arts, Jackie Chan's argument is: "This is the play with my two 师兄 Corey Yuen and Yuen Tak Martial Arts guide, fail to get me to teach him kung fu." And Jackie Chan is more Andy Lau's grasp on power is very confident, "he played down for so many years, which is available to me to study! what he learned very quickly get started!"

Jackie Chan admitted that he originally did not want to make the "new Shaolin Temple", "because I have another one in the film is being carried out in full swing, there is a conflict on both sides of the time, but I long ago promised to shoot this show, get promises, that I said to a guest bar! "Jackie Chan's now quite a few" regrets "," I think it did not look like a guest, 7 days a shot I play at least 14 days the amount of daily non-stop from morning to night shoot, followed by would also like to shoot ... ... "

Jackie Chan in the "new Shaolin Temple" in the role of the chef kitchen, cooking I've Jackie Chan, because he is already learning from the father's side a little, and later with the Sammo Hung film, "Fast car", but also to steal the division quite a lot. However, to say the side lines while cooking, let Jackie Chan really a little bit distracted, "I often say when they forget to do the movements, and those dialogue is hard to say, I am Chan Yu. Fortunately 华仔 remind me in the opposite , help me to play Cheat Sheet. "(reporter Liu Jiaqi)














Cris said...

Another awesome report SCB, thanks for your continued hard work!

Linda said...

My name is Linda, I am from Indonesia..I really like this movie, very touched..Actually since i saw this movie, i try to learn to be more patient,love all of creatures..Thank you so much, this movie teaches me alot being human..Thank you,Sadhu..sadhu..sadhu..May you are always Happy:)

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