Monday, March 8, 2010

Coach Opens in Shanghai

The world's leading modern American luxury accessories company Coach Inc. In April 2010 announced the opening of its first flagship store in mainland China. The flagship store in Shanghai's most prestigious and Songshan at the junction of Huaihai Road is Shanghai's many luxury brands to numerous. To celebrate the opening, Coach will also organize a "Star Totes" charitable activities, and the opening of this flagship store design limited edition handbags, and valuable for collection.

The new flagship store designed by the Coach Architecture team, an area of 650 square meters, and is particularly innovative with exclusive decorative elements. Highlight the brand process and the classic brand a horse and carriage logo, and a range of styles with different transparent and light-emitting panels, making the appearance of new and eye-catching new store. The sale of two space shows the Coach the latest interior design changes and added two new features: Ladies and Accessories Zone and the recent expansion of the men's Coach boutique series. To celebrate the opening of the flagship store, Coach has also designed a series of sold only in the store with an individually numbered limited edition handbags.

Bleecker Street in New York with the Coach Legacy concept store with each other corresponds to the Shanghai flagship store reflects the indoor style of Coach latest design and innovation, presents an intimate, home-style New York City attitude, and unique brand of elegant Coach Fashion style, so fashionable avant-garde Chinese and foreign consumers to resonate and get their approval. The overall design space of multiple attention to detail by the modification of the composition of the independent space, the detailed design, including curved ceiling, mosaic wall decoration, a black inlaid stone on the ground by the Italian white marble flooring, some regions with chevron Walnut paved floor. Interior decoration is a fixed perfect mix and match a variety of elements, including custom paint, suede fabrics, and polished stainless steel decorative mirror and so on. With the Coach logo silk fabrics, classic patterns and custom seating throughout the store within a large number of used to highlight indoor home feeling.

Another initiative is called the "Star Totes" celebrity charity cooperation program, Coach will be invited to a number of celebrities from around the world in the same style of Coach handbags on the artistic creation and, ultimately, all the works in the Chinese web site auction, proceeds of the lottery donated to the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation in full. U.S. actress Michelle Williams (the film "Brokeback Mountain" and "Wendy and Ruth" in the cast), and Uma Thurman ( "Kill Bill" the first and the second part of the actor) has been invited to participate in this charitable act has item.

Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, founded in 2008, has been building professional management team, as well as donations to use in a smooth start. Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation in 2009 supported the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the serious illness not only to save children's project, also supported a new giant panda, as well as sustained relief Tainan affected orphans and disabled elderly people.

Coach is headquartered in New York, is known to the world renowned business accessories and gift boutique for men and women of the U.S. companies, the main products include: handbags, small leather goods for men and women style, briefcase, weekend leisure and travel goods, footwear, watches, outerwear, scarves, sunglasses, jewelry, perfume and various accessories.


全球领先的美国现代奢侈品配饰公司Coach Inc。宣布将于2010年4月开设其在中国大陆的首家旗舰店。这家旗舰店位于上海最负盛名的淮海中路和嵩山路交界处,是上海众多奢侈品牌云集之地。为庆祝开幕,Coach还将举办一项名为 “Star Totes” 的慈善活动,并为此家旗舰店开幕设计限量版手袋,极具收藏价值。


  与位于纽约Bleecker街的Coach Legacy概念店相互对应的是,上海旗舰店的室内风格体现出Coach最新的设计与创新,呈现出一种亲密的、居家式的纽约城市态度,以及Coach品牌独树一帜的优雅时尚风范,让时尚前卫的中国和国外消费者产生共鸣,得到他们的认同。空间的整体设计由多处注重细节修饰的独立空间所组成,这些细节设计包括弧形天花板,拼接的墙面装饰,地面由镶嵌黑色石材的意大利白色大理石铺设而成,部分区域采用人字形胡桃木地板铺就。室内的固定装饰则是多种元素的完美混搭,其中包括定制涂漆、麂皮织物以及经过打磨的不锈钢点缀的镜面等。带有Coach标识的丝绸织物,经典的图案和定制的座椅大量运用于整个门店之内,以突显室内的居家感觉。

  另一项创举是名为 “Star Totes” 的名人慈善合作计划,Coach将邀请来自世界各地的众多名人在同一种款式的Coach手袋上进行艺术创作,并最终将所有的作品在中国的网站上拍卖,所得善款全额捐赠给成龙慈善基金会。美国演员米歇尔·威廉姆斯(电影《断背山》和《温迪与鲁思》中的演员)和乌玛·瑟曼(《杀死比尔》第一和第二部的演员)已获邀参加本项慈善义举。




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