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In summary - Li Hengbin has a collection of rare ancient Chinese medical texts his family preserved at great personal risk for many years. His ancestors were medical doctors to the imperial family at one point and these rare manuscripts have been preserved by the family for generations. He is related to Jackie through his his maternal grandmother (her name is also Fang/Fong) who is Jackie's father's aunt on the paternal side. and his paternal grandfather and Jackie's father are old friends. He has refused offers to purchase the documents somehow finding the money to restore some of the documents himself. He has also refused to donate the books to a museum. His wish is that Traditional Chinese Medicine would get more interest.

Collection 100 sets of ancient imperial doctor to-human transmission of precious ancient Chinese medicine is not for Villa

The imperial doctor to-human transmission of precious ancient books are not for Villa

A magical prescription that can cure 20 years of rheumatism. Yesterday was "China's State Medical Day", at this commemoration of the days of traditional Chinese medicine, the reporter with a strange man Li Hengbin you know a traditional Chinese medicine, he collection of nearly one hundred sets of Chinese ancient books, but now they have recorded the number of prescriptions, treatment of the ancient faces protection problems.

Yes Jackie Chan relatives but never climb

Wells in the provincial capital San Xiao Wu alley, there is an inconspicuous little Chinese medicine clinics, the owner of this clinic is called Li Hengbin, but his progenitor may from time to normal, his grandfather was too much too Qing hospital a doctor, who is Li created by the Navy to provide medical services, as at present it is a Medical.

Li Hengbin home is family medicine, in addition to too much outside of his grandfather was the imperial doctor, grandfather and grandfather have been in Wuhu to serve our community, the father because the Japanese invasion of China in the "running against" the missed opportunity to study medicine, the last century, 50 years, father and mother came to Hefei work, Li Hengbin also born in Hefei, a casual experience let him take over the ancestral property, to continue life-saving.

It is known that Li Hengbin 16 years old, had been suffering from typhoid fever, to the hospital for treatment had no effect how the last provincial hospital opened an old and traditional Chinese medicine traditional Chinese medicine to cure one of the Li Hengbin Since then, fascinated by the magic of Chinese medicine Liheng Bin , and later went to medical school in the province too.

According to Li Hengbin introduced himself with the Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan is also some trace pro. It turned out that Li Hengbin home in Wuhu yuxikou, his grandmother surname room, Jackie Chan's father, the late housing Road, Long's aunt, while Li Hengbin's grandfather with the cousin of Jackie Chan's father is regardless of the relationship. For the relationship between himself and Jackie Chan's relatives, but Li Hengbin do not think he was like climbing a celebrity pro, although the family was now general, but his family before liberation in Wuhu is also mayor.

He was not tempted for ancient villa

Born in a family of Li Hengbin collection of Chinese ancestors had been used a lot of things to do drugs from the medicine bowl to the charge of the bottle medicine pot, as well as dedicated to medicine of God Sun Ssu incense burners are left over from the Qing Dynasty blue and white porcelain, the most magical is also a pair of copper dragon and phoenix medicine spoon.

It is understood that some ancient expensive drugs are medication canned, in order to obtain the medicines from the medicine specifically configured key, Li Hengbin collection of this medicine spoon copper system, medicine spoons were carved in a leader and crested, beautifully crafted, and even Aralia on the faucet can be seen clearly.

But these collections is not the most precious thing, Li Hengbin that the Chinese ancient ancestors left behind is priceless. It is understood that because the practice for generations, Li Hengbin ancestors of many Chinese ancient books collection, involving pediatrics, gynecology and other branches of medicine several classes, and some ancient books, or only existing copies, even the Anhui Provincial Health Department to conduct literature old specialists have come to identify themselves too.

During the Cultural Revolution, in order to preserve these ancient texts, Liheng Bin's mother took great pains, when she was put lime in the wine jars and other items, and then rolled up into these ancient jars and buried in the ground and escaped with it to make these ancient books .

In 2002, a Taiwan businessman Li Hengbin aware of these books, made a special trip arrived at Hefei. The businessman fancy one of them ancient, and is willing to buy a house for Li Hengbin an exchange of this precious ancient books, but Li Hengbin did not agree.

In recent years, Li Hengbin in preserving ancient encountered a dilemma, although with borneol, pepper, camphor and other temporary protection of these ancient books of Chinese medicine, but some of them classics, or split, moth and other injuries, especially in rainy weather, so that these classics are "injury." In order to protect these ancient texts, Li Hengbin come up with five or six thousand yuan for maintenance of the seriously damaged, but these are not well-off families, protection of ancient books is difficult.

Revival of hope for the people the benefit of Chinese medicine

Over the years, Li Hengbin on the mouth of the wells in the provincial capital San Xiao Wu-alley operators of a Chinese medicine clinic, usually through self-knowledge in Chinese medicine to alleviate the suffering of many patients. It is understood that the provincial capital a 50-year-old professor was tortured by rheumatism for 20 years, and Li Hengbin through the ancestral prescription drugs with only two old professors put cured, old professors sent a special thank pennants.

Li Hengbin clinic is very simple, usually only a couple inside a busy, sparrow may be small but complete, a row in the medicine cabinet to put in a small clinic. About their own experiences, Li Hengbin think this is also faced with the current status of Chinese medicine.

8 years ago, Li Hengbin who want to publish their own collection of Chinese ancient books out, allow the Chinese ancient books and prescriptions to re-play a role in the provincial capital when he found a publishing house, the one person in charge of the publication may not be sold refused the Li Hengbin, allowing Li Hengbin depressed endless, "These classics are the number of physicians in ancient summed up their experience, they arrived, but the tide of the market economy."

It is understood that, provincial and municipal libraries as well as Provincial Museum and have wanted to donate Li Hengbin these classics, but Li Hengbin reluctant, but now he must spend two hours a day, and his wife to learn about these ancient Chinese medicine.

For just last March 17 on China's national medical, Li Hengbin a lot of emotion, for the future, he is more 2 wishes, hope that the Chinese can get more attention, but also want their hands to re-play a role in ancient Chinese medicine.


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