Monday, March 15, 2010

Brammo and Jackie Chan

Brammo and Hollywood Legend Jackie Chan Join Forces for Asian Distribution Deal

Partnership extends global presence of the Brammo Enertia to Hong Kong and Singapore

ASHLAND, Ore., March 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Brammo Inc., maker of electric motorcycles, announced today that it has formed a partnership with JCAM Advanced Mobility Company Ltd., the Hong Kong-based electric vehicle distribution company co-founded by superstar Jackie Chan.

The deal will have Jackie Chan's award-winning company sell the Brammo electric motorcycle product line in Hong Kong and Singapore beginning in early to mid-2010.

"Partnering with a global film and business icon like Jackie Chan further validates the Brammo brand -- much like our U.S. partnership with retailer Best Buy -- as being an innovator in both product development and retail distribution," said Brammo Founder and CEO, Craig Bramscher. "We expect great results with JCAM and look forward to a long partnership and many satisfied customers in the markets they serve."

"When I first saw early pictures of the Enertia I really liked it," said Jackie Chan. "Now that it is here, I love it! From the very beginning I knew this was going to be something really special."

"This is the beginning of something new for JCAM and we are very excited," said JCAM Managing Director, Matt McGuire. "We have been speaking with Brammo about this opportunity for almost two years during which time we have been able to realize the heights of their vision and the capabilities of their team to achieve this vision. Then, the first Enertia arrived in Asia, and we were in awe. The Enertia powercycle is one of the most incredible EVs we have experienced BY FAR and has the capability to change the culture of the industry."

Brammo's first product is the Enertia, a 100% fully-electric motorcycle built in Ashland, Oregon. It has been put on the market at select Best Buy stores since August 2009. The Enertia, priced in the United States at $7995, has a top speed of over 60 miles per hour (95 km/h), a range of 42 miles (68 kilometers) and a charging time of about 4 hours. Fans and media can follow Brammo on Twitter at BrammoSays and on its Facebook fan page, Brammo Powercycles.

About Brammo

Brammo Inc. ( is a premier specialty vehicle manufacturer developing sustainable performance products for the next generation of transportation. Through integration of digital engineering and high-impact design, Brammo transforms ideas into compelling products. The Enertia is a plug-in electric motorcycle, the first in a line of electric vehicles that are sold through select Best Buy stores. The Enertia was designed, engineered and is built at Brammo's headquarters located in Ashland, Oregon. The company was founded in 2002 and is privately held.

About JCAM

JCAM Advanced Mobility Company Ltd. (JCAM) is a Hong Kong-based vehicle distribution company established in 2005. Co-founded by megastar Jackie Chan, its primary business focus is to identify, qualify, and market zero-emissions products. Within the first four years of operation, JCAM has grown into a company with diverse and growing business interests in sustainable transportation. Operating in six countries, JCAM is a winner of Hong Kong Business' High-Flyers Outstanding Enterprises Award (Modern Alternative Technology).

JCAM works closely with groups that are critical to a successful cultural change, transforming society from conventional combustion-driven vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs) and other "green" options. By collaborating with vehicle manufacturers, local regulators and end-user groups, JCAM aims to lead the way in building desirability, credibility, and reliability for environmentally-conscious innovation, and prepare for the onset of a green transportation evolution.



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