Monday, March 15, 2010

Theme Song For Shanghai Expo Volunteers Chosen

(He wrote the lyrics to Guo Jia, Shengsi Buli, Stand Up, and others)

"World" has been officially set as the Shanghai World Expo volunteer theme song

It is too busy these past few days, even the chance to catch a breather, no. Many of my friends congratulated me, "world" has been officially set at the Shanghai World Expo volunteer theme song, I also do not have time to thank everyone for their support. Because of this Shanghai trip, work very full, in addition to the theme song released to participate in the ceremony, the Liberation Daily of the forum, the work of the opening ceremony of the Expo will be, the Chinese elements in the work of Council, working most of the day, nearly 10 committees, and these associations are need a result, all need to find ways to solve the problem, all practical and highly effective. Perhaps it is these results sustains me, the day down, the back is rigid, easily a lie do not want to move, do not want to speak, can still change his mind, still recall the content of today, there are no problems or a better way.

In fact, this situation is to copy my sprint time of the Beijing Olympics two years ago, only difference lies in the Expo. I was lucky, be able to catch up with these two international and affect China's future activities, he is still the forefront of the implementation of those, though very tired, but I was happy, and fulfilling. Sometimes, I really feel very lucky because many people work hard, and do not necessarily have a harvest, but I always have success, there is always progress, I believe Inf.

I write "life and death not bad" to "State", and now write "the world", had been considered to be an era weathervane. Although this rating for me is a kind of pressure, but think of his own creative process, does all this come too quickly. I started learning from writing lyrics in 2008, the first song is a Hung Ming singing "Hero", talking about the story of the Olympic hero Ahewali, it is the song for the failure of the heroes into the hearts of people . In fact, when it was planning to write a song to help Hongming Olympic song was originally to provide him with a target to facilitate his own creation, the result Hongming when I write lyrics put to use. Mo Wei second song is sung by the composer Xiao Ke, "the way home," the South that year, snowstorms, many people have blocked the road to return home the New Year, and I have had this experience, and the time feelings written down, very simple. The third song is "standing up", in fact, this is to help people find the original Sister Wangzhe Bin Zhao minister, would like to pick the Olympic song inside a song as the film "One Man's Olympics" theme song, results do not pick to the right, in the chat process, they found that I have said, the official they want. Zhejiang Bin Sister to encourage me to write, and she put me in her family's underground home theater room, a movie trailers, and a few paper, a pen, a bottle of water. She jokingly said, written and release me go. Two hours later I handed over operations, she and her big screenwriter Wang Xingdong, as well as composer Shunan are very pleased to see that time so I really can not believe the adoption of, or movie theme song! Later this song on the year's Spring Festival Evening, and and the "life and death not leave," he also won the Central Propaganda Department, "Five-One Project Award", which is the country's highest arts award. The fourth song is "life and death not leave." I asked the assistant that day, and now I have written many songs, and he told me the number: "Fast 100 had." I am very surprised a lot of people think that I only write like a "state" similar to the song, in fact, I also wrote a number of small love small love song. Geji Tian, stone album should come out, that's all inside the song I wrote, but, and the 80 post-Musician, to the contrary feel that is too amateur, too old. Anyway, I was an amateur, and does not matter, a lot of time, I was comforted himself to write, management does he want to how to write on how to write! In this busy day, occasionally write lyrics is to make himself a little quiet, to find a balance, so that the future work of passion.

To tell the truth, "the world" can become a volunteer Expo theme song that I never thought of, after the end of the conference, several of Shanghai's city leaders called me before the recognition of 10 minutes, including a leadership also voiced what I wrote several songs, and read that they are really satisfied with this song, which allow Xiaodong long sigh, the Shanghai Municipal Committee, deputy secretary of the regiment after several years of efforts, finally complete the task, he was happy and very grateful to me. In fact, I should be grateful to him and their team, they should take thousands of songs to pick the songs I wrote, so that the leadership of so many recognized me, so that with one million volunteers to sing this song, is my life the greatest happiness.

I am grateful to Dr Yang Mu's music, thanks Tan Jing's character singing, would like to thank Xiao-Feng Wang, stone, they were written for this music. Should be most grateful to Jackie Chan's older brother, without him, there can not be this song, it was his "debt collection style" to force me to write songs, writing songs for giving me the motivation and desire. Thank you, brother Jackie Chan! This afternoon is the "World" MV boot the ceremony, but also biggest names gathered, but also the director Chen Kaige, with Jia Zhangke, etc., wait and see!


《世界》正式被定为上海世博会志愿者主题歌(2010-03-15 10:28:08) 标签:世界上海世博志愿者主题歌成龙陈凯歌贾樟柯王平久舒楠谭晶 分类:平久---随笔







Anonymous said...

To explain this rather cryptic post - which is not actually the song in this post either but anyway. The Shanghai Expo COUNTDOWN song is suspected of being plagiarised from an old Japanese song from 1996. So far official response has been that it is not plagiarised and merely bears some similarity. If however it is discovered on closer analysis that the song is plagiarised apologies will be made and the song replaced.


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