Saturday, March 6, 2010

Jackie celebrates Little Big Soldier Success with Fans

Singing Happy Birthday to Ding Sheng whose birthday it was today.

PRC Beijing March 6 (Xinhua Zhao Gang) Jackie Chan's new work, "Little Big Soldier" has been released since the New Year's Day, many of the audience gave high marks, as of March 6, the National at the box office has exceeded 130 million . In order to thank the support of friends, fans, Jackie Chan tonight thank you celebration at the Jackie Chan International Studios will be held. In appreciation of the meeting, Jackie Chan awards for a number of lucky fans and posed for pictures, but also, and the film you cast album of "Little Big Soldier" theme song "Youcai Flower"

As a film investors, Jackie Chan fans the most stress is placed on the film-viewing experience, he said, from the film for many years, this work is that he presented to the heart of everyone to make a good faith, but also he came to invest in the Mainland's first film He wanted to be able to present to you the best works, "Little Big Soldier". Although the scale of investment is small, it has been fans of the love and support of friends, this is his best gains.

Thanks will be the same day, happened to be the birthday of film director Ding Sheng, Jackie Chan to lead us to the small lead began to sing "Happy Birthday" song. Ding Sheng said that the last birthday, or in the filming, Chan sent a birthday cake so that he gains an unexpected surprise. Jackie Chan is jokingly said: "Congratulations to the small lead director to join the ranks of billion."

"Little Big Soldier" is an advocate "anti-war and peace", "little man with great wisdom," the action-comedy. The film, Jackie Chan a hero to change the image of the past, start with a "soldier." When the audiences have watched the movie after, they would understand this "soldier" not normal, he more than once with the means to make fun of mischief, "teenager," Lee Hom, and continued the line of Jackie Chan action-comedy, while the speech was a trace of optimism and between the longing for peace to anti-war, environmental protection the theme of interpretation to be realized.

Video issuers China film distributor said, "Little Big Soldier" is still in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Hangzhou, Tianjin and other 10 cities in not aggressively.


人民网北京3月6日电 (记者赵纲)成龙新作《大兵小将》自大年初一上映以来,不少观众给予了很高的评价,截止3月6日,全国票房已突破1.3亿。为了感谢影迷朋友们的支持,成龙今晚在成龙国际影城举办了答谢会。在答谢会上,成龙为多位幸运影迷发奖并合影留念,还和影片中各位演员演唱了《大兵小将》的主题歌《油菜花》。






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