Friday, August 20, 2010

Jackie Records "Tian Xing Jian"

Left to right: Wang Ping(lyrics), Jackie Chan, Feng Xiaoquan (composer)

Jackie Chan's martial arts put position. People's Network reporter Zhao Gang Photo

PRC Beijing on Aug. 20 (Xinhua Zhao Gang) tonight, the first World Takehiro Beijing Games theme song "Heaven" in Beijing recording. The song should be the first World Expo Organizing Committee force the invitation of Wang Ping for a long time by famous songwriter lyricist, composer and musician Feng Xiaoquan play production. This is the first song is full of strength and momentum will be August 28 at the opening ceremony of the Expo Wu kung fu star Jackie Chan sing.

Jackie Chan in the recording scene, said enjoyed "Heaven" song, also the early Chinese martial arts became an Olympic sport is full of expectation, "Chinese martial arts there are many martial art, if we are unified as the Chinese martial arts, let foreigners a unified understanding of the martial arts that we may one day into the Olympic Games will be. "When asked if he is good at martial arts project, Chan said:" Lian Dao, guns, clubs and cripple still can, then is the fist work , mainly through the daily running to fitness. "Jackie Chan also expressed the hope that the military activities of the Fair can be a kung fu star Jet Li and the other exchanges.

As a martial arts star Jackie Chan and martial arts have a long history. Wu Fair Organizing Committee to consider the original theme song singer, I think about Jackie Chan is the only suitable candidate. However, because Chan was busy filming one of self-direction in the new film "Zodiac", 8 to viewing schedule is very tight, after considering more than a month, or politely refused the invitation of Wu Fair. Ping for a long time later from friends that the current military Fair Office for the significance of the State, the Jackie Chan resolutely bear the loss of 2 million yuan per day, to participate in the theme song of Expo force recording and performing the opening ceremony of the work years. The first, held in Beijing Games, the World Wu Bo, in addition to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games held in the highest levels of international sports events but also take the Chinese martial arts "Olympics" of responsibility in making the Chinese martial arts Olympic sport , Wu Fair's success is of great significance to getting the world to see standardization and internationalization of Chinese martial arts an opportunity.

Fair opening and closing ceremonies general director Wu Ma Rong said, on August 28 of the opening night will be "Heaven" as a theme throughout, while "Heaven" This song is the most important of the entire field of a party . Ma Rong, director praised the song reflects China's traditional culture and modern aesthetic of the perfect integration of ancient and modern culture and philosophy and the Fusion, famous for the ancient inspirational song, and the current military Fair "to Wuhui You to stroke inspirational" the theme of a high degree of fit, which sufficiently shows the Chinese elements, but also conveys the spirit world Takehiro. Lyrics of an English "We were born to combat" (We are born Wu Bo) is the nations of the world pay tribute to all the players of.

Jackie Chan in the record that night to complete "Heaven", the then urgent to produce a long time for a song by lyricist Wang Ping, Shi Lei, often composed of debris flow disaster victims Zhouqu dedicated the song "through thick and thin." Chan pledged to take this song to express the people of the whole country Zhouqu people care and love.

人民网北京8月20日电 (记者赵纲)今晚,北京首届世界武博运动会主题歌《天行健》在北京录制。该歌曲应首届世界武博会组委会之邀,由著名词作家王平久作词,著名音乐人冯晓泉作曲并担当制作。这首充满力量与气势的歌曲将于8月28日在武博会开幕式上由功夫巨星成龙唱响。



  武博会开闭幕式总导演马戎透露,8月28日的开幕式晚会将以“天行健”作为主题贯穿始终,而《天行健》这首歌则是整场晚会最重要的一笔。马戎导演称赞这首歌体现了中国传统文化与现代审美的完美融合,古今中外文化与理念的碰撞与交融,用古代励志名句作歌名,与本届武博会“以武会友,以搏励志”的主题高度契合,既充分展示了中国元素,又传达了世界性的武博精神。歌词中的一句英文“We were born to combat”(我们为武博而生)则是对世界各国所有参赛选手的致敬。




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