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Jackie was SLIMED!

Jackie was slimed at the Mengniu Future Star “Kids Choice” Awards in Beijing last night. These awards are a joint venture between CCTV, MTV and Nickelodeon. The format is the exact same as the Kid's Choice Awards in the USA with the orange carpet and green slime. Jackie carried his panda 'babies' on the orange carpet but saved them from the slime. He also was given an award for the MOST FAVOURITE SUPER-HERO. GO Jackie GO!

LOS ANGELES August 21 evening, from the CCTV Children's Channel and MTV Networks 2010, jointly organized by Mengniu future star happy festival held in Beijing. Chan , Yan Ni , Yang Yang, Han Geng , Wang Luo Dan , Shawn Yu , large Zhang, Cyndi , BY2, Eddie , the new Seven Little Fortunes, Zhang Yun Jing, and many other celebrities gathered and the scene of hundreds of children with the show, with the game. The children also rising interest in green glue in honor of each scene the star, Jackie Chan was poured into green "drowned rat" Han Geng Sun handsome, lovely and so beautiful Wang Luo Dan, became the children "pincer" object.

"Future Star" eye-catching large showy opening Zhang

At the event, the three "Future Star" also fresh appearance, has a sweet voice, Yang Peiyi, invent the automobile emissions of small devices Zhaoruo Chen, Yushu youngest volunteer relief once the week before Jen points of the "future star talent small Baby, "" future star small inventor "and" future Super Star Hero, "" future stars "and performed with big stars, not less.

Lively joy festival also attracted Cartoon - Spongebob to join in, when the yellow sponge box playfully in orange carpet, the kids excitedly shouted loudly, "SpongeBob SquarePants." Yellow sponge box orange carpet has become prominent among the night's big stars.

Like the showy big to fast songs Zhang skewer the opening festival for the fun, fast paced dynamic enthusiasm of the children lit the scene, after a round of entertainment and fun game to keep the fire to warm and add salary plus fuel, cheers sound and laughter lasted nearly three hours. Children like the host hawthorn fruit, deer sister, brother, Ji Tao, fat, handsome brother Chen Zhengfei hosted with this happy feast.

Qi Han Geng Wang Luo Dan, but children playing battle

Although the stars sing and dance, can be part of the game, a bit stretched up. Stepping on a snake board transport green glue, kids run This job is too "insignificant" and allows the great Zhang and Blue Bird Flying out to make a fool of myself; soccer shooting also make handsome Han Geng and Eddie are very anxious since, kicking handy large one, is not the door; Olympic short track speed skating champion Yang Yang and Yan Ni character hearty partner, and children are screened table tennis game, not your hand, by twisting the waist, good strength to handle the Olympic champion also seems not very good. There are children like most male and female actors - Shawn Yue, Wang Luo Dan, and children playing an unconventional cube, green bubble will lead the Du Yue, Lin Zhenghao and Du Yi Heng and kids games to move milk bottle. Although the stars selling effort, but they lost to the children playing the game.

Jackie Chan is the children splashed green glue unfortunate incident, "drowned rat"

Martial artists Jackie Chan won the children's favorite, in recent Jackie Chan starred in "Kung Fu Dream" , "search for Jackie Chan" movies for children, it is to get him in the popular children showed exponential growth, Jackie Chan appeared orange carpet from the cheers could be confirmed. Jackie Chan played before, like the trouble of Wolf Cube stole the town field, leading to large-screen video playback suddenly "stuck", when Jackie Chan vigorous rushed holding the Wolf's tail, back the cube, will be The place to stay in place until the big screen to work again. Ping live audience of children breathe, intently watching the hero of "live fire" until all the normal, the children of God just had to wake up and loudly applauded. This climate has also infected with Jackie Chan, proud smile after making a mouth, "accident" happened, and fell from the sky green glue to Jackie Chan made a surprise shower, dashing, "Kung Fu King" at this time actually hide behind, flute in the children played cat and mouse game to play. Jackie Chan became sopping green "drowned rat," but he was not angry, but is accepted by the children laughing this unique "best reward."

Yang Peiyi background mimic Faye Wong Office "concert as"

Happy festival to a lot of Waner, can be an amazing night had to be "future star talent baby" Yang Peiyi. Little guy, not only in front of the stage to a "look at me just a sheep" performances won thunderous applause, but also to the backstage press interview room also harvested a large tsktsk. When the host asked Pei, who advised the idol, the Xiaopei is altogether appropriate to answer "Faye!" Host asked Pei Yi Faye Wong to sing what song, Xiao Pei should then said: "" Legend "!" This interview between the reporter under his brother and sister began to stir, non-for Xiao Pei Yi singing. Xiao Pei Yi is not tweaking, graceful open to bright voice, singing to tactfully Department, it is really a sort of vacant, "days after the chamber", the presence of media have praised the worthy is the future star. Qing Li / Wen Zheng Fude / map

Future stars Happy attached Mengniu 2010 Festival honors list

Far the most favorite super hero Jackie Chan

Far the most favorite wizard queen Yan Ni

Far the most favorite male singer Han Geng

Far the most favorite female singer Cyndi

Far the most favorite music group BY2

Far the most favorite actor Shawn Yue

Far the most favorite actress Wang Luo Dan

Far the most liked players Yang Yang

Far the most favorite cartoon Monkey King

Far the most like the sun big brother Eddie

Future Star small inventors Zhaoruo Chen

Yang Peiyi, the future star talent baby

Before the next Star Super Hero Dan Zhou Yan

新浪娱乐讯 8月21日晚,由央视少儿频道和MTV电视网联手举办的2010蒙牛未来星欢乐盛典在北京举行。成龙、闫妮、杨扬、韩庚、王珞丹、余文乐、大张伟、王心凌、BY2、彭于晏、新七小福、张芸京等众多明星齐聚一堂,与现场数百名小朋友一起表演,一同游戏。兴致高涨的孩子们还用绿胶水款待每位到场的明星,成龙被泼成了绿色“落汤鸡”,阳光帅气的韩庚、可爱靓丽的王珞丹等都成了孩子们“夹击”的对象。










  欢乐盛典来了不少腕儿,可当晚要属令人惊艳的还得属“未来星才艺小宝贝”杨沛宜。小家伙不仅在台前以一曲《别看我只是一只羊》的精彩表演获得了雷鸣般的掌声,而且到了后台新闻采访间还收获了一大片啧啧声。当主持人问沛宜的偶像是谁时,小沛宜很干脆地回答“王菲!”主持人追问沛宜会唱王菲的哪些歌,小沛宜想了想说:“《传奇》!”这下采访间的记者哥哥和姐姐开始起哄,非让小沛宜唱两句。小沛宜一点也不扭捏,落落大方地亮开嗓子,唱至婉转处,还真有几分空灵的“天后腔”,在场媒体记者纷纷大赞其不愧是未来星。李青/文 郑福德/图


  最最喜欢的超级大英雄 成龙

  最最喜欢的精灵女王 闫妮

  最最喜欢的男歌手 韩庚

  最最喜欢的女歌手 王心凌

  最最喜欢的音乐组合 BY2

  最最喜欢的男演员 余文乐

  最最喜欢的女演员 王珞丹

  最最喜欢的运动员 杨洋

  最最喜欢的动画片 美猴王

  最最喜欢的阳光大哥哥 彭于晏

  未来星小小发明家 赵若辰

  未来星才艺小宝贝 杨沛宜

  未来星超级小英雄 才仁旦周



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I actually think the 3rd photo is the funniest of the lot because of the emphasis on his nose! Notice how it's all slimed but almost the rest of his face isn't? The area round his eyes and the lower part of his face are untouched! NOT making fun of his nose but lol it's funny!! :P

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