Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jackie Donates to Zhouqu

Zhouqu County, Gansu Province after the mudslide disaster in the subject of much attention, international superstar Jackie Chan has also been hit heart, his name Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation in Beijing today (24) donation to the people of disaster areas Zhouqu of 1 million yuan RMB . It is learned, the extra money to have been delivered Zhouqu County Health Department for the transfer and treatment of seriously ill children under the age of 16.

Recently, the appearance of Jackie Chan Beijing an event with a straight face when talking about Zhouqu disaster: "I hear it often rains recently, armed police, but we are really good, the follow-up of the dredging work has been carried out orderly forward. "always wanted to withdraw to the comfort of the disaster-stricken areas to Jackie Chan said he was under the name of charity foundation on Aug. 24 to Zhouqu County Health Department has donated 1 million yuan of donations. In addition, the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation also work to raise the Nam Fung Group, with more than 5000 sterilization supplies donated to the Zhouqu of the affected people, work safety and health for the affected areas. It is reported that these packages include disinfectant, washing powder, soap and other daily needs of the health supplies.

Chan said: "This is mainly used to transfer money to the age of 16 seriously ill children, helping them to a nearby hospital for treatment. In addition, I will arrange a new apprentice Seven Little Fortunes early for me to hit, personally distributed 5,000 sets sterilization supplies. "

August 24 is a traditional Chinese festival - Festival of the Dead, according to Chan that in order to meet this special holiday donations to carry out the work, early preparation for nearly two weeks, "We want to work with the donor comfort victims , let them be assured of the survival of their families, because many people in caring for Zhao their families. "In addition, Chan also said campus security will be in September Qidong 培训 project, hoping to promote security of teachers and students Ti Gao Zhi Shi disaster prevention and scientific ability to escape.






For those of you who may be ignorant of the terrible floods and mudslides that affect southern China recently here is a brief summary:

The 2010 Gansu mudslide was a deadly mudslide in Zhugqu County in Gannan TAP in China that occurred at 12 midnight on 8 August 2010. It was caused by heavy rainfall and flooding in Gansu Province. It was the most deadly individual disaster among the 2010 China floods as of 19 August 2010. The mudslides killed more than 1,435 people as of 21 August 2010, while 1,243 others have been rescued and 330 remain missing.The missing are presumed dead as officials have ordered locals to stop searching for survivors or bodies to prevent the spread of disease. Over 1,700 people evacuated have been living in schools

The worst hit location was Zhugqu County, where mud submerged houses and tore multi-story blocks of flats to pieces. The seat of Zhouqu County was densely populated, with 50,000 people (42,000 of them are permanent population) and an area of 2 km2. After the heavy rain, there was a buildup of water behind a dam of debris blocking a small river to the north of the city of Zhugqu; when the dam broke, around 1.8 million cubic metres of mud and rocks swept through the town, in a surge reported as up to five storeys high, covering more than 300 low-rise homes and burying at least one village entirely. The mudslide left an area 5 km long, 300 meters wide in average leveled by mud with average thickness of 5 meters.[



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