Sunday, August 22, 2010

La and Zy are not Lazy!

Lin Peng had the opportunity to meet La and Zy recently at the Shanghai International Film Prototype Exhibition Charity Auction Dinner. This is her blog entry on meeting La and Zy.

and to end all confusion:

LA is a boy and wears RED; ZY is a girl and wears BLUE!

And Jackie just a few days ago to join the Shanghai International Film Prototype Art Exhibition Charity Auction Dinner, very happy, because for charity It's something I've always been very dynamic. Charity from the very first day, I was kind of desire that hit the eyes of the people impressed.

The theme is out of some movie film artist donated the prototype works, cool Oh, the auction out of the funds will take care of all to the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation. I think the big brother of the Foundation, the Foundation is the most reassuring, because I have witnessed the implementation of a payment, follow the big brother to send supplies to the region Yitang Tang's older brother, I admire this spirit of endless .

I myself went for a one emerald necklace, very pretty, and I intend to give it to my mother. As is the "Chinese Ghost Story" and captured his paycheck, I think my mother should be very happy. Jackie Chan is photographed multiple items at one go, can be seen under his charitable efforts ah.

Now, to introduce Jackie grand two "baby", haha, but they are very attractive. That is, the two panda doll! They called la, called zy, is Jackie Chan in London to the toy store to pick. We all know that Jackie also adopt the two giant pandas, they can not necessarily carry the eldest brother as they put the two dolls. They really are very cool, follow the big brother traveled all over the world, and countless stars are photographed too! (This is, I have envied). Big Brother personally cheer for them, pick clothes (I want to ask, you have to give them a bath haha), even the name is big brother played in person. Far the most amazing is that they have heart Oh! And his brother's heart is the same!

With LA and zy as important, it is a benevolent force, big brother to their side and that is to love Big Brother, Big Brother the power of charity, spread all over the world! la + zy = lazy, but the la and zy are not lazy, they will always run in front, to bring happiness to all people!







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