Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jackie Supports Kaspersky Anti-Virus Today

Kaspersky launched their new products for 2011 today at Jackie's Yaolai theater in Beijing. Jackie was of course on hand to lend support. In addition to launching a range of new products including a secure desktop environment Jackie brought along the Seven New Little Fortunes who sang 'Guo Jia'. Jackie also interacted live with fans and the audience via QQ.


 Zhongguancun Online Software Business Unit news: August 29, 2010, Kaspersky Lab in Beijing JACKIE CHAN Yiu Lai International Studios held a "Kaspersky fight for you" new product release, released its annual flagship product "Kaspersky security forces in 2011." Kaspersky New and Jackie Chan in this new film, "security forces" premiere held together, the scene attracted a large number of Jackie Chan fans and the "rice cards" to come. International superstar Jackie Chan in person help out new Kaspersky, Kaspersky, founder and CEO 尤金卡巴斯基 also attended the conference along with the scene.

Conference, Kaspersky, founder and CEO 尤金卡巴斯基 President, Asia Pacific Managing Director, Kaspersky Mr. Zhang Lishen delivered a speech, Kaspersky Wang, vice president of technology give us a detailed explanation of the South "Card Basij security forces in 2011, "the product features. Kaspersky Parkway domestic distributor Beijing Digital Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Mr. Liu Jianhua Star also invited to attend this conference.

Kaspersky Asia Pacific Managing Director Mr. Zhang Lishen about new products, "Kaspersky security forces in 2011" The biggest feature is the ability to protect the users of the online transaction security, and proposed the "netizens property is inviolable" slogan, vowing to Kaspersky security forces to cause users to play online transaction security software necessary.

Kaspersky technology simulation, vice president of Mr. Wang Nan ordinary users "Neeson's weekend" to show us a vivid and detailed new features in Kaspersky and new features. Stories from the 2011 installation of Kaspersky security forces the computer to save Neeson began to experience the Kaspersky security forces Neeson 2011 comprehensive new features. Kaspersky security forces in 2011 added a secure desktop, security, browser and security keyboard functions, through a combination of these three functions can effectively prevent phishing sites. To protect user privacy online shopping to avoid information leakage, and thus pose a threat to users of property.

After some technical demonstrate their Kaspersky global spokesperson for the event, Mr. Chan, Mr. Field and 尤金卡巴斯基 Kaspersky security forces in 2011 to complete the transfer flag and posed for pictures. Jackie Chan and friends through the microblogging site interaction, and to bring his disciples sang the new Seven Little Fortunes "state" to talk of the love of the motherland.

The launch of Kaspersky Lab's annual flagship product, the security forces in 2011 reached a new era of comprehensive information security requirements, it not only inherits the advantages of the previous product features, highly optimized integrated active defense, behavior detection technology and Cabas Cloud-based security networks, but also integrated into the global bastion of unique security features to provide complete on-line internet banking security, the three major functional modules of its subsidiaries to fully reflect human Innovation: Secure Desktop provides a special independent environment in which users run any program or any Web site, and will not harm your computer and data, but also ensure the basic computer user can very well use; virtual keyboard, and browser security and privacy to protect account security, with powerful anti-phishing site database, real-time threat blocking phishing sites, to ensure that the online banking transactions and online gaming accounts online. Kaspersky products have been well past the network up to the people of the hot pet, stronghold with the easy-to-use security features, turned out to believe that many do not understand the computer's primary user will be attracted to its endless. Whether the product compared with Kaspersky in the past, or compared with other competing products, Kaspersky 2011, security forces, cross-bearing age have adequate security concept of major vendors. In addition, while another listed Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011, no less, it can provide a solid core of the computer security protection and access to a number of international awards, well received by industry experts of all ages.

Currently, Kaspersky anti-virus security forces in 2011 and 2011 products already on sale in China by the official, including the purchase of Kaspersky official upgrade stations, network major download sites as well as national entities, major electronics stores have sales.

中关村在线软件事业部消息:2010年8月29日,卡巴斯基实验室于北京JACKIE CHAN耀莱国际影城隆重举行了"卡巴斯基为你而战"新品发布会,推出了其年度旗舰产品《卡巴斯基安全部队2011》。本次卡巴斯基新品与成龙新片《安全部队》首映礼一同举办,现场吸引了大批成龙粉丝和"卡饭"的到来。国际巨星成龙亲临助阵卡巴斯基新品,卡巴斯基创始人兼CEO尤金·卡巴斯基也一同出席了本次发布会现场。










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