Saturday, August 21, 2010

Now THAT would be something!

Not that the organisers will hear my plea but WOW wouldn't it be something to see if they did allow Jackie and Jet Li to do a demonstration at the opening ceremony?

Last night, the generation of "martial arts master" Jackie rush around drilling a Beijing studio, completing the first stroke the Games theme song weapons "Heaven," the recording. I recorded intermittently, Jackie Chan and martial arts from reporters Dakan, "It feels like my theme song before the Drunken Master."

Brother threw himself into recording

Jackie Chan yesterday dressed in white wearing sportswear, strode into the studio. I recorded before his back to the many journalists in the studio and film production Feng Xiaoquan, Wang Ping waiting communicate with people, excited, dancing, great input. Then, he smiling out of the room, and visit the set of reporters to share the "Heaven" feel.

The conversation to start from the martial arts. Jackie laughed, even though the Beijing Olympics have ended, but the world's attention to China will continue forever, he hoped that Wu pump more people will be able to attract attention and to China. In addition, as a person learning Wuai Wu, he hopes one day to martial arts to become an Olympic event.

Turning new song "Heaven" song is very difficult to talk about his view, very expressive, "Melody highs and lows, punch kick. Like I had the Drunken Master." A reporter asked him "18-like martial arts "master Which ones? Jackie Chan and interest to a few of these skills are repeated, finally said, "knives, guns, stick this is my favorite event." In addition, he said that if the organizing committee has arranged for him to be willing and Ambassador Wu stroke Jet Li with one performance at the opening ceremony.

Styles fit with the image of Jackie Chan

It is reported that, "Heaven" will be held Aug. 28 at the Beijing Games opening ceremony of the first stroke on arms sing. Wang Ping, according to the song of long-term introduction, "Heaven" from the "Book of Changes": "Man, the gentleman to self-improvement; terrain kun, not the primary." This will be the current force stroke "to Wuhui You to stroke inspirational" theme is very fit. Feng Xiaoquan song of songs is hoped that the dissemination and advocacy of "keeping fit, and for you, Germany has" the spirit of sport. The song lyrics of the sentence in English, "We are born Wu stroke" is the countries of the world pay tribute to all the players of.

"Heaven" Style and Jackie Chan in the film is quite similar to the image and temperament. Ping for a long time to describe Road, just like to see a "smile of the martial arts master," is not vicious, but with just the soft, beautiful natural sounds kind of Chinese style. Feng Xiaoquan also believe that this genre films with Jackie Chan in his performance of the image coincide.


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