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Lin Peng represented Jackie at the opening ceremony for "Revolution" in Changchun yesterday. The movie will start filming soon and is expected to finish filming in September 2011. As the producer of the movie Jackie spoke via video, excusing his absence due to filming commitments. The movie is expected to have as many cameos from big name stars as "Founding of A Republic". It is the 100th anniversary of the revolution in China next year.

international superstar Jackie Chan produced the large-scale epic "Revolution" in the Changchun Film Festival for the occasion, with all the key creative personnel was held in Changchun, a grand ceremony boot. Actor Lin Peng addition to guest roles in the play, but also on behalf of producer Jackie Chan attended the press conference.

Revolution victory in 2011 is the 100th anniversary of Sun Yat-sen and the Memorial to remember this historic revolution, from the long shadow group produced such a strong lead of nine units of the Department to create this epic. This is reflected in the first panoramic view of the Revolution's epic film, which is four places to promote the peaceful reunification of artists together to create even more global attention overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese historical epic together. It is learned that the film has four places of the past 70 front-line actors join line-up comparable to "Founding of the Republic" .

Producer Jackie as busy filming, could not show up conference scene, he filmed a scene VCR, commissioned Lin Peng bring, the film brought its own blessings. Jackie said that this was his first 100 from the video film. To capture the theme of this historic film of his life he felt the first "100" worth it.

And Lin Peng will also film a guest role. At the time of the interview, Lin Peng said: "to participate in this historic epic, I am very honored. This is my first attempt at such historical themes of movies, such a contemporary film. There is such an important film performing arts in the way I left a glorious record, I feel myself lucky. "

This historic epic of revolution will be in September 2011 the 100th anniversary of the eve of the Revolution has finished filming and to meet you. Famous stars is also one of this great film full of anticipation.

 新浪娱乐讯 由国际巨星成龙监制的大型史诗巨片《辛亥革命》在长春电影节进行之际,携全体主创人员在长春举行了盛大的开机仪式。演员林鹏除了会在戏中客串角色之外,也代表监制成龙出席了此次新闻发布会。






Some additional information:

Jackie Chan will be appointed general director

"Revolution" was filmed with support from the Office of the CPPCC, is the "Founding of the Republic" writer Wang Xingdong, Chan Po Kwong another a masterpiece, by the Jackie Chan film as general director, directed by renowned director Zhang Li, the famous chief producer Wang Zhebin producer. "Revolution" plays the premise of respecting the historical facts a major breakthrough, a panoramic view to expand Revolution epic scenes depict the Sun Yat-sen, Huang Xing, Xu Zonghan, Qiu Jin, Li, Yuan and other historical figures will show a power and grandeur, epic historical picture.

Gathered strength and talent from the four areas

It is reported that "Revolution" will be held in September 2011 the 100th anniversary of the eve of the Revolution finished filming and release in the country. Work as a whole has 63 full characters. Executive producer Wang Zhebin said, has already identified the cast brought together four places to send shock-class strength of actors, Sun Yat-sen played by the Taiwanese film star Zhao Wenxuan. Apart from Jackie Chan as director general of foreign films will also starred in the film, Huang Xing, Li Bingbing to star in the heroine Ms. Huang Xingde Xuzong Han, Sun-soon to star in Yuan, Wang Yanan starred son of Yuan Yuan Keding, Hu Ge, YU Shao-group will be in the film appeared in important roles. And Jackie Chan's son Jaycee Chan will star in the Wuchang Uprising Zhang, young officer. As the film started shooting, there will be more domestic first-line stars participating.







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