Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Fans donate!

After seeing Jackie's donation to the victims of the Tianjin explosion fans from Malaysia and China collected slightly more than 1 million RMB and with the help of China Movie Report the money was given to Jackie yesterday.

Jackie had this to say:

Today I was really touched by fans who saw my donation message and actually collected about 1 million RMB and went through many hands to reach me through the movie channel, to help the family members of the firefighters who laid down their lives in the Tianjin explosion. I was able to inspire them to show compassion, you trust me so much, the "pressure" is really great. Together with your donations I must pass on your kind feelings to the people in need, everyone please supervise! Thank you for all the kindness.





our fans will always there to follow our master way.

Annet said...

Really great so many are responding to his request. So much good can be done with this and the need is so high. I donate monthly via post with a nice card. I'll donate a bit more this month. It isn't much but every penny helps and many pennies make a pound(s) :-)

SuperChanBlog said...

@Annet - it might be a good idea to specify 'For Tianjin'.

Annet said...

too late I am afraid I had put it in the mail before I read this but I did refer to Jackie Chan's donation request. If it isn't used for Tianjin it will be used for other good causes.

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