Saturday, August 1, 2015

Mystery Project?

This plot does not sound like anything that is known to be in the pipeline ...

A source told us that a leading Hollywood studio is making a two-hero project starring Jackie Chan. For the other hero, they were looking for a leading star and were very clear about wanting Shah Rukh on board. “The way the role was etched out, it fit Shah Rukh’s onscreen persona very well. Only he would have been perfect for that role.”

Sources have revealed that the story of the film revolves around two characters and one of them is on the look out for a tech expert for a mission. The tech expert was supposed to be SRK, who would eventually go on a crazy ride with Jackie’s character. The leading studio had approached Gulshan Grover for a pivotal role and had requested him to sound off Shah Rukh to see if it would interest him. “Gulshan contacted SRK a couple of months ago and discussed the project with him at length. But due to some logistical reason, SRK turned out the offer.”



Dagmar Crmanova said...

Jackie with Shah Rukh would be a fantastic couple. I even saw in the past one Indian movie which was a great parody of Mr. Nice Guy with Shah so now I am very surprised that Mr. Khan refused the project.

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