Thursday, August 20, 2015

Jackie Visits Tibet

Today Jackie visited Lhasa, Tibet on a joint charity outreach with the Red Cross Foundation. The "Angel Network - Tibet Action" was co-sponsored by the Shanghai Youth Foundation who donated money to pay for the reconstruction of eight health centers. Today Jackie was at the Tibet Children's Welfare Institute which provides care for orphans and disabled children and he also visited an old age home. Jackie presented a check to the Tibet Autonomous Region on behalf of the Red Cross. He also brought school bags, stationery, warm clothing and other gifts.

Jackie said that the most important thing he brings is the feeling that someone cares for them. Jackie also said that he doesn't have time to rest because there are so many places to visit but he hopes that he doesn't have to come back; that he hopes that there will be no more disasters.



Dagmar Crmanova said...

Yes, dearest Jackie, we all just wish and pray for not any other disasters. Thanks for this great news and the wonderful and quality photos.

Annet said...

when everyone is focused on another disaster Jackie Chan isn't forgetting them. Really great he is helping them as well.

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