Saturday, August 1, 2015

Jackie To Attend Festival of Globe

Jackie will attend the 'Festival of Globe' where he will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award. The Festival of Globe mission is to empower and integrate global cultures and communities through Film Arts, Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Folk Arts. Tickets for the event on August 15 are available through Ticketmaster.



Annet said...

That is really great. Jackie Chan really deserves this. Though with such a reward it always seems to be the end. I hope we will enjoy Jackie Chan and his movies, songs and charity for a long long time.

Dagmar Crmanova said...

Also here in my country such awards are considered as the end of the successful career but all awarded artists still continue working and entertaining their admirers. To me the award is just thank for the great work of the actor.

Annet said...

Yes indeed, Jackie Chan has done so much to bring the Asian and Western filmindustrie closer in working together. It's nice that they say thank you :-)

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