Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Video: Dragon Blade Promo

"I'm an actor who can fight" - Jackie Chan


Annet said...

I think Jackie Chan has more than proved he is a good actor and not 'just' a fighter who can act. Love Dragon Blade, Also in early films like Miracles (one of my favorites) there is more acting than there are fight scenes. Maybe if fighting movies become too much for him he can do more movies like that :-)

Dagmar Crmanova said...

Many years ago when I saw my favorite movie "Heart Of Dragon" I also said to myself how great actor Jackie is. And obviously in his next movies Jackie proved his great artistry.

Annet said...

Och almostforgot karate kid. He didn't do much fighting in that but played an older teacher with grief very well. There is a deleted fighting scene though where he fights the other trainer. A great fighting scene and it's a pitty it didn't make it into the film.

Javad Shamsi said...

I wish Jackie Chan film directed by Wilson ÷ play of the ordinary directors such as Daniel Lee and Ding Sheng talent always really great pity you're Jackie

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