Friday, August 28, 2015

Railroad Tigers To Film in Diaobingshan

Sparkle Roll Television Culture Media Co. will invest RMB300 to film Railroad Tigers in Diaobingshan. Filming is expected to start in October and last around a month. Approximately 200 crew and 1000 extras are expected on location. Footage filmed in Diaobingshan will comprise about 40% of the final movie. Diaobingshan was world reknowned for its extensive steam train lines servicing the coal mines in the area.

Railroad Tigers tells the story of railroad workers who used their knowledge of the railways to raid Japanese trains during WW2 and sieze supplies for the local people. Jackie plays a resourceful railway guerilla leader. The film is expected to premier on National Day in 2016.

To see some wonderful photos of the steam trains in Diaobingshan visit David Longman's site. The photos date from 2000/2001 but the trains are now preserved in a museum at Diaobingshan (in fact many of the trains in these photos are in the museum, so they are probably the ones that will be in the movie) which is where filming will take place.


Annet said...

Really looking forward to this film, it's sounds like it's going to be a great film. From what I know about the film so far it seems like 1911. Liked that film as well. There aren't many (to none) films from Jackie Chan I don't like :-)

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