Friday, August 28, 2015

Jackie Interview

A short interview with Jackie by Parade magazine.

How is Dragon Blade different from other Jackie Chan films?

When you look at my previous movies, all I did was fight! From the opening credits to the closing credits. The audience was excited when I jumped from a tall building or leaped from a moving bus. It was all fresh. But now, with this new film, I’ve come to realize that if the plot is really good then the audience will cheer even if there is only one single punch!

Who do you play?

I play Huo An, the adopted son of the legendary general Huo Qubing. He was a real historical figure, the founder and commanding officer of the Silk Road Protection Squad of the Western Regions in China. Huo An is a man who detests war, but he lives in a time when peace can only be gained by fighting.

Have you ever been seriously injured?

The most serious injury I had was during the shooting of Armour of God II. It was actually just a simple stunt, jumping from a slope. But I was seriously injured and had a surgery to my brain. I still have a metal plate in my head and can feel the indentation from the impact.

Do you feel you are making progress in changing attitudes in China when it comes to conserving wildlife?

As an ambassador of WildAid, I have been supporting the saving of all kinds of creatures including tigers, sharks, rhinos and elephants. I think China is undergoing a big change in its attitudes in regards to conserving wildlife, but it will take time.

What is the most important lesson life has taught you?

As I have been injured so many times, I have come to cherish life more. I focus more on environmental protection activities and charity work. I deeply understand that I am very blessed. So I have been actively participating in all kinds of charitable works and contributed myself to help the poor and people in need.



Annet said...

Jackie Chan is cutting himself way too short again, it seems like he makes his old work less important. Also his earlier work had a message like Dragons Forever, Heart of the Dragon and Miracles (to name a few) weren't 'just' about fighting. they had wonderful stories, messages and they weren't films that went from fighting scene to fighting scene. Some didn't even had much fighting in them. Really love them.

Annet said...

I do love the later ones like Shaolin, Little Big Soldier and Shinjuku as well. Indeed they don't have much fighting in them and it doesn't make them bad because of it. Jackie Chan has proved that he is an actor who can fight, he has already proved that even before these later films. Everyone who doesn't see that haven't watched his films properly.

Annet said...

And all between filming and promoting he finds time to do so much wonderful charity work and help so many others. He really brighten peoples day, give them hope and show them someone cares and they are not forgotten. Jackie Chan is trully a wonderful person

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