Monday, August 10, 2015

FC Smile

On 10 August a new charity outreach program - FC Smile - was launched in Korea. The charity soccer club was formed with the backing of JCCF and JS Foundation. Operation Smile will be their first project partner. The club aims to turn the hopes and dreams of children into a reality through soccer. In addition to fundraising events for medical expenses the club will also hold soccer clinics and other events. The twenty member committee is comprised of Jackie Chan, Lee Dong Guk, Park Ji Sung (Korean football star), Lee Hwi Jae (presenter), Kim Junsu (singer), Song Joong Ki (actor) and others.

Jackie was unable to attend the inauguration event in person, but did send a video message of support.

The first event will be the Asian Smile Cup which will be held in China in January 2016 and in Korea in June 2016. All proceeds will help children with facial disfigurements and physical disabilities (0peration Smile).


Annet said...

what a briliant initiative. Another great charity project Jackie Chan supports. So many children are left out or ridiculed because of how they look like. It would be wonderful if these children can be helped. I'm sure they love this idea as well, knowing there are people are helping them

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