Monday, November 15, 2010

Oscar Hopes Down the Tube?

With this quote from COMINGSOON.NET article on Oscar hopefuls it seems any Oscar hopes from Karate Kid are indeed dead in the water. However with Little Big Soldier having been mentioned earlier this year as a potential entrant in the Foreign Film category we can but continue to hope Jackie will eventually get a well-deserved Oscar.

Dead in the Water

Back in March, I made a rather ballsy and foolish claim that the remake of The Karate Kid would be nominated for a number of Oscars after seeing it at ShoWest. As much as I love the movie, that's doubtful at this point, especially with Sony putting more behind Fincher's The Social Network to win. I'd still like to see Jackie Chan get a Supporting Actor nomination, because I think his performance is fantastic, but Sony isn't bothering to push the movie, not even including it in with their awards screenings, so it's a bit of a lost cause.


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The reason I found your blog was because I entered “Jackie Chan Oscar” into a search engine. This was to see is anyone else thought he should be nominated for the “Supporting Role” nomination, great minds...... After seeing a film that not only moved me but very much impressed me with Mr Chan's acting I feel he should at least be considered for a nomination and I am saddened to see that he won't be.
Tom Grumbles.

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Hi Tom,

Welcome to the best *tongue in cheek* blog about Jackie on the net. Glad you found it.

Yes I am sad too because I also found his performance in Karate Kid to be very restrained, very deep, very moving and certainly worth an Oscar nod at least. However this article is just an opinion - I read another yesterday which seemed to think Jackie might have a slim chance. I think it will get at least one People's Choice Award and then we see from there what happens.

The problem is that these kind of movies don't really get Oscars. I am holding out my hopes that Little Big Soldier might get the nomination for Best Foreign Film because between the two (Karate Kid and Little Big Soldier) I thought Little Big Soldier by far the better of the two films. Certainly Jackie delivered an equally good if not better performance in Little Big Soldier. But I am not entirely sure what it is up against in China for the spot. There was some talk shortly after it came out but there has been nothing since. We can but hope.

Whilst awards certainly are not the be all and end all of existence it is still nice to be recognised for good work especially the Oscars as that is a peer award.

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