Friday, November 19, 2010

Jackie Chan Yaolai International Theater Changzhou

Some additional photos HERE which also mentions that Jackie flew from Beijing for those of you who have been wondering where he has been the past little while.

Some interesting information about the theater in the article below even with the translation:

19 November afternoon, Wujin District initiated the first "green, low-carbon energy, ecological security," the international five-star Studios - Changzhou Yao Lai Mao-industry in the Pacific International City Studios grand opening, a famous movie star Jackie Chan and Changzhou City, Wujin District leaders Wang Chengbin, Jiang Feng, Wang Mingchang attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Changzhou Yao Lai Group International Studios is a joint investment in the international superstar Jackie Chan star together to build a high-end theater, is following in Beijing and Guangzhou Xintang Wukesong shop after the first leg into the East China market, Changzhou Yao Lai International Cinema to Jackie Chan has always uphold and promote a "green low-carbon energy," the purpose for the mainland's first installation of central air conditioning system in the entire air-air system, heat recovery systems and intelligent control system for studios, from the fundamental impact on the lifting of the long hall in the closed environment, air quality, pollution and the audience for a variety of adverse effects, significantly reducing the energy consumption Studios, first put into practice in the field of cinema building low-carbon energy, the real the safety, comfort, ecology, green and healthy concept. For the audience to create the first ever National Chamber of the viewing environment, zero pollution of air, like breathing in large forest-like feel, the audience not to worry about heart and soul immersed in the movie plot and atmosphere created by them. Essentially solves the cinema hall the issue of air quality standards, the industry to fill the gaps in one fell swoop.

Studios will also integrate into the shadow of modern high-tech means to lobby the Office of the design, as the whole point of the mainland's first floor projection system will be installed in the lobby of the cinema hall film, the game system to vote in the way of entertainment fun with the audience to form human-computer interaction interface, increasing the audience's curiosity, greatly increased the audience's participation. Even with the use of optical and other manifestations of the sound the audience into the film room before the taste of something different from the peculiar effect of the shadow of a large shock. Studios broke the previous conventional model of design and decoration, in style and concept and innovative ideas to dream romantic and modern fashion, and many other factors clever leaping together naturally, bringing the audience a fresh, new visual impact.

Vice Mayor of Changzhou Wang Chengbin said in his speech, Jackie Chan Lai Yiu Changzhou International Studios Studios not only building new ideas to the fashion of Changzhou, and the international perspective to the Changzhou New Wave films, but also to Jackie Chan promote justice in the film of love, the spirit of self-improvement to the character and charisma, Changzhou, for enhancing the urban quality, enrich the cultural life, will play an active role in promoting.

武进网讯(记者 张军)11月19日下午,武进地区首家倡导“绿色环保、低碳节能、生态安全”的国际化五星级影城——常州耀莱国际影城在茂业泰富城盛大开业,著名影星成龙先生与常州市、武进区领导王成斌、蒋锋、王明昌出席了剪彩仪式。






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